LOST Swimming

Welcome to LOST Swimming

The Lake Ontario Swim Team or L.O.S.T. Swimming is a grassroots open water swim group that swims in Lake Ontario. We've grown to become one of the largest open water groups in the world, meeting every Saturday in the summer for a dip in Lake Ontario. Come out and join us for a swim!

Our Weekly Swims

Saturdays @ 8AM

Rain or shine, cold or hot!

Lakeside Park Beach

1 Navy St Oakville, ON

June - Late September

Temperature Dependent


Get open water experience in a safe environment


A fun & exciting way to meet other crazy people!

Coffee After

Join us for a coffee after the swim at Bean There Cafe

Become a LOSTie today!

Joining LOST is simple, just sign up for our yearly $45 membership which covers our costs of insurance and running the swims and we'll see you at the beach!

Contact Us!

Rob Kent


Dylan Kent


Proud Founding Member of the Global Swim Series