… okay, when I said the water was 70F on Tuesday night… it really was… however… when I went down for a longer swim on Wednesday night… ummm… well, it was a smidge chillier.  Dylan launched the kayak, Maisey, Jill and I were all ready to go… and we dipped our toes in… yikes… definitely not 70F.  Apparently Lake O decided to adjust the thermostat overnight without checking with me first… it was 53F.  Jill and Maisey made a dash out 10 meters to touch the kayak and back… and that was about it.  I took a few minutes to psyche myself up and ended up going for about 1km or so.  It was cold… but it actually wasn’t too bad.  I wasn’t even shaking when I got out, so it’s not that cold.

In case you were debating not coming… come.  I wasn’t in a wetsuit, you’ll be fine in a wetsuit!  Really.  Besides, it appears that it has warmed up a little and may be a comfortable 60F anyway… but you never know what you’re going to get… welcome to open water swimming in Lake O!

So, the long and short of it is… we’re still on for the first LOST swim of the year on Saturday at 8:00… see you there!

PS.  get there a bit early, so we can be in the water at 8:00!



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I founded LOST Swimming because I like open water swimming and would like to see it grow and thrive in Lake Ontario. I started as a competitive swimmer as a kid and ended up getting as far as a silver medal at Nationals and going to the Olympic Trials in 1988. But I retired after that, I was sick of swimming. So I got into running marathons and have run over 35 to date, as well as a few ultra marathons, including the Marathon des Sables (7 day, ultra across the Sahara Desert). I also kind of fell into triathlons and have done a handful of Ironman tri's too. This gradually got me back in the water and in 2006 I took the plunge and attempted swimming the English Channel. I didn't quite make it across, but the circle was now complete and after 17 years I was a swimmer again! Although I still do plenty of pool swimming, I now much prefer open water swimming and like to say that open water swimming is to pool swimming, what trail running is to treadmill running! As a result I hope to encourage more people to join me for a dip in Lake Ontario as often as we can!


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