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  1. Rob Kent, President and Founder                                                                                           LOST Swimming & Global Swim Series


2.  Dylan Kent, Vice President and co-founder of Global Swim Series,                                                                     Vice President of LOST Swimming

8 Responses to Contact Us

  1. scott mackenzie, carrie batt says:

    how do we get involved in lake swimming.

  2. Peter Cohen says:

    I would like to swim Lake Ontario. Could you please put me in touch with a coach?

  3. Hi Rob!
    Having had the amazing pleasure of being the lead “mother-ship” for the recent crossing done by Madhu, we would be very honored to offer our catamaran and ourselves to other future crossings. It was an honor for us to have met such an amazing group of adventureres. Furthermore, we would be pleased to offer our boat for “charity fundraising events” that might be tied into the same future crossings.
    We look forward to gettting to know more about all of you @ LOST!
    John & Joanne Kerr
    Echale Catamaran Charters

  4. Diana Anaszkiewicz says:

    Can you give me some more info on LOST my daughter who is 14 years old & she is a competitive swimmer. She is very much interested in swimming lake ON we are looking at next year. Can you provide me with some information that would be great.

  5. kevin murray says:

    Hi Rob I am planning to enter the 5 k open water masters event in Welland this August.I have a Blueseventy neroxii wet suit and was wondering if i could legally wear this suit at the meet. I checked Fina”s website and they have the suit listed as approved but I would like to know for sure.


    Kevin Murray

  6. Lucie says:

    Is there any other days and times you swim

  7. Paul Duffie says:

    I love this kind of enthusiasm! I look forward to meeting your son-in-law Dave by making him eat my wake at the race (hahaha).


    Paul Duffie

  8. John Overton says:

    This message has little to do about this mornings race but everything to do about the future outing in early August ’11. My son-in-law, Dave Bunyan who lives in England, will be visiting Oakville on vacation during August ’11 and has already signed on to be included in the L.O.S.T event due to be held on Saturday, August 13. If I supply details of Dave’s past swimming history etc., any chance of a joint write-up in the Oakville newspaper “the British canadian”, to obtain coverage for L.O.S.T. and a little bit for Dave’s enthusiasm?
    Thank you,
    John Overton

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