Great Lakes Crossing Org. (GLCO)

Annaleise Carr, the 2012 WOWSA Woman of the Year, with Swim-master Rob, after swimming Lake Erie in 2014!

Annaleise Carr, the 2012 WOWSA Woman of the Year, with Swim-master Rob Kent, after swimming Lake Erie in 2014!


The Great Lakes Crossing Organization (GLCO) was formed as a result of a need for a safe, competent, fair and adaptable crossing organization to help swimmers arrange and conduct safe swims across the Great Lakes.

GLCO conducted its first sanctioned marathon swim in the summer of 2014 when it safely escorted Annaleise Carr on two Lake Erie Crossings or 42.2 km and 30 km.

If you are interested in seeing what is involved in a Great Lake Crossing, see the: GLCO registration package

GLCO abides by the internationally recognized “Rules of Marathon Swimming” as established by the Marathon Swimming Federation, of which the Lake Ontario Swim Team (LOST Swimming) and the Great Lakes Crossing Organization (GLCO) are members of.

These rules are used by virtually all major open water swimming organizations in the world. (it does allow for some small local adaptations, which we have the right to provide for).

To view the rules click: Rules of Marathon Swimming


Local Boating Clubs and Organizations:

  1. Oakville Boaters
  2. Oakville Squadron
  3. Bronte Harbour Yacht Club
  4. The National Yacht Club (Toronto)
  5. Humber Sailing Club
  6. Sailing For You (charter company)
  7. Exhale (charter company)
  8. Lake Ontario Sailing (listing of all yacht clubs)
  9. Burloak Canoe Club
  10. Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary, Oakville
  11. Halton Police Marine Unit (Bronte)

Peter and Rob training in Lake O!

Rob being escorted around Manhattan by Alex and Peter