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Global Swim Series

Friends of LOST Swimming

Swimming Groups

Etobicoke Olympium Masters Aquatic Club

Burlington Masters

Oakville Masters

Vancouver OW Swim Association


Oannes Swims

Oakville Aquatic Club

Triathlon Groups

Triathlon Club of Burlington

Fighting Koalas

C3 - Canadian Cross Training Club

Running Groups

Running Room

Connors Runners

Marathon Dynamics

Boating Groups

Oakville Boaters


Bronte Harbour Yacht Club

The National Yacht Club

Burloak Canoe Club


Open Water Swimming News


Daily News of OW Swimming

Outdoor Swimmer Magazine


Public Swimming

YMCA of Oakville

Town of Oakville

Gulliver's Lake Park

Lake Kelso

Swim Stores

  1. Finisswim equipment manufacturer
  2. Xterra Wetsuits, One of our sponsors and maker of great wetsuits,
  3. Swim & Sports, Great swimming supply store in Mississauga
  4. Team AquaticsAnother excellent swimming supply store, in Burlington
  5. RokaGreat wetsuits and other swim gear

Bike Stores

  1. Racer SportifOur local bike store in Oakville 
  2. CyclepathAnother good bike store in Oakville
  3. GearsA good bike store in Mississauga & Oakville
  4. Grand River CycleA good bike store in Cambridge
  5. Wheels of Oakville

Gadgets & Stuff

  1. Your Swim Book, the ultimate swimmers log book.
  2. MySwimPro, the top rated swim training app for smart watches & official training partner of GSS.  Use code GSS20%OFF for 20% off when upgrading to premium
  3. Pro Ear 2000Scuba Mask that covers the ears (I’ve got a pair, works well)
  4. Swimp3Music for those long pool swims (it’s great, I’ve got one).
  5. H2AudioAnother music machine for swimming or a case for ipod shuffle
  6. Gmap-pedometerA Google Maps app that allows you to measure your swim (or bike or run) distance.
  7. SpotA cool GPS tracking device, great for marathon swims.

International Swim Organizations

  1. Solo SwimsMain source for Lake Ontario Swims (and other swim info too)
  2. Masters Swimming Canada
  3. Masters Swimming Ontario (MSO)
  4. US Masters Swimming
  5. English Channel Swimming Organization
  6. NYC SwimNew York City Swimming Organization
  7. Strait of Gibraltar Swimming Organization
  8. Open Water ChicagoSimilar to LOST Swimming, but in Chicago!
  9. Jersey Long Distance Swim Club, in Jersey Island, UK
  10. Catalina Channel Swimming Association, in Southern California, near LA,
  11. South End Rowing ClubOne of the great old OWS clubs in San Francisco
  12. The Dolphin ClubThe other great old OWS club in San Francisco
  13. Farallon Island Swimming Federation, Arguably the toughest swim in the world!

Swimming Tours & Travel

  1. Swim Trek(by Simon Murie)
  2. Strel Swimming(by Martin “Big River Man” Strel)
  3. Total Immersion(by Terry Laughlin)
  4. Swimmers GuideFind a Pool anywhere in the World

Lake Ontario Waterkeeper

Learn more about protecting the water we swim in!