Hall of Fame

The LOST “Marathon Swimming” Hall of Fame

This page is meant to honor all the amazing feats of swimming endurance that LOST Swimmers have accomplished and to inspire future marathon swimmers!

In recognizing incredible swims done by LOST Swimmers we hope to promote the sport of Open Water Swimming both in Lake Ontario and around the world!

The qualification to be a member of The LOST “Marathon Swimming” Hall of Fame(and later on the plaque) is that you must: 

  1. be a LOST Swimmer and
  2. have done one of the major Marathon Swims anywhere in the world OR
  3. have swum the LOST Route across Lake Ontario (international swimmers may be “honorary LOST Swimmers” if they swim the LOST Route).

If you are not sure if a specific marathon swim elsewhere qualifies or if you qualify as a LOST Swimmer, just drop me an email and run it by me!

Generally these swims are one of the recognized “World Swimming Majors”, which are (in alphabetical order):

  1. Boston Light Swim, Boston, USA, 12.8 km
  2. Cadiz Freedom Swim, South Africa, 7.5 km
  3. Catalina Channel, California, USA, 34 km
  4. Clean Half Marathon Swim, Hong Kong, China, 15 km
  5. Cook Strait, New Zealand, 26 km
  6. Ederle Swim, New York, 28. 2 km
  7. English Channel, Dover, England, 34 km
  8. Ijsselmeerzwemmarathon, Netherlands, 21 km
  9. Int’l Marathon Swimming Beltquerung, Denmark, 21 km
  10. Int’l Self-transcendence Marathon Swim, Switzerland, 26.4 km
  11. Irish (North) Channel, Ireland – Scotland, 30 km
  12. Isle of Jersey, Jersey, cirumference swim, 70 km
  13. Jarak – Sabac Marathon Swim, Serbia, 18.7 km
  14. Kalamata – Koroni Marathon Swim, Greece, 30 km
  15. Lake Ontario Crossing, Oakville, Canada, 40 km (or more)
  16. Lake Tahoe, California, 35.4 km
  17. Lake Windermere, England, 16.8 km
  18. Loch Lemond, Scotland, 33.6 km
  19. Lough Erne, Ireland, 17 km
  20. Manhattan Island Marathon Swim, New York, 47 km
  21. Maraton Patagones Viedma, Argentina, 10 km
  22. Maui Channel, Hawaii, 15.3 km
  23. Molokai Channel, Hawaii, 41.8 km
  24. Pennock Island Challenge, Alaska, 13.2 km
  25. Rottnest Channel Swim, Perth, Australia, 20 km
  26. Santa Barbara Channel, California, 20 km
  27. Strait of Gibraltar, Spain-Morocco, 18.5 km
  28. Swim Across The Sound, Connecticut, 25 km
  29. Swim Around Key West, Florida, 20 km
  30. Tampa Bay Marathon Swim, Florida, 38 km
  31. Traversee Int’l du Lac St Jean, Quebec, 32 km
  32. Tsugaru Channel, Japan, 20 km
  33. West Bengal River Race, India, 81 km


  1. English Channel
  • Rob Kent
  • Sep 5, 2006
  • 34 km, 60F
  • from Dover, UK to Cap Gris Nez, France
  • 12:06 hrs, finished 30 k (DNF, pulmonary edema, hypothermia)
  • DNF, so probably shouldn’t be included… except this is the swim that started LOST Swimming!
  • http://www.channelswimming.net/


2.  Manhattan Island Marathon Swim


3.  US Masters Swimming 25k National Championships


4.  Lake Ontario Crossing


5.  Tampa Bay Marathon Swim

  • Rob Kent
  • April 21, 2012
  • 30km (supposed to be 37 km, but got cancelled mid-race due to large electrical storm)
  • a race the length of Tampa Bay
  • 6:30 hours
  • http://www.distancematters.com/


6.  FKCC Swim Around Key West

  • June 16, 2012
  • water temp 89F / 32C
  • 20k swim around the island of Key West


7.  Manhattan Island Marathon Swim


8.  Lake Ontario Crossing


9.  Lake Ontario Crossing


10.  Lake Ontario Crossing


11. Ederle Swim