The LOST Race

LOST Race, 2014!!!

LOST Race, 2014!!!

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The LOST Race is a fun and competitive 3.8 km (Ironman distance) race in Oakville, Ontario, Canada.  It started in 2008 with just 8 swimmers… and now gets over 100 swimmers each year!  It is very scenic, safe and fun race.  The majority of participants are just regular swimmers that are up for a good challenge, but we always have some pretty amazing swimmers in the group too… tons of triathletes and Ironman especially, NCAA and Canadian Varsity swimmers, Olympians, people who have swum the English Channel, Around Manhattan Island, the length of Tampa Bay, Around Key West and of course, even a select few who have swum across Lake Ontario!  So join us for a fun morning splashing around in one of the best open water locations in the world… with a bunch of other fun LOSTies!



LOST Race route     (click to enlarge)

LOST Race route (click to enlarge)

The LOST Race

  • Location: Lake Ontario near Oakville, Ontario, Canada
  • Date: the 2nd Saturday in August, every year
  • Start Location: from the foot of Maple Grove Drive, south of Lakeshore
  • Finish Location:  the Lighthouse Pier at the foot of Navy Street and Sixteen Mile Creek.
  • Start Time: 8:00 am… but you should be there at least about 60 minutes early to check in / register.
  • Distance: 3.8 km / 2.4 mile (Ironman swim distance)
  • Water Temperature: usually 60F – 70F or 16C – 21C… but this is open water swimming… who knows!
  • Water Conditions: the first 2 years were flat as glass, sunny and warm… but in 2010 it was warm, but very choppy!  Also the first year there was a current that we swam against, the second year we swam with the current and the third year it was hitting us from the side!  The water is almost always quite clear, and despite the common myth Lake O is a very clean lake, particularly where we swim as the water circulates well.  Having said all that, this is open water swimming, there could be wind, waves, cold water, seaweed and fish, who knows?!… but that’s the fun of it, the challenge of the conditions.  There is rarely any seaweed or fish, but it’s cool when you see a fish or a turtle… but don’t worry, there are no fresh-water sharks… oh, and there are no lines on the bottom either.
  • Divisions: the results are sorted 2 ways:
  1. Wetsuit and Naked Divisions (which is the “non-wetsuit” division, in case you were wondering!).
  2. Male and Female Divisions
  • The Global Swim Series: The LOST Race is one of the founding members of the Global Swim Series!  When you enter the LOST Race, you are automatically entered into the GSS, so you will have a Global Ranking!!!  Check out the website for more info!


  • Race Cancellation: in the unlikely event that we have to cancel the race for safety reasons (storms, water temperature, rough water conditions, etc) we will unfortunately not be able to provide refunds as all of our costs are paid upfront (insurance, timing system, swag, medals, permits, etc).  Naturally this would be our last choice, but we take the safety of our swimmers very seriously and is our top priority.


The LOST Race Results & Record Book

       All-Time Records

1.      Fastest ‘Overall’ – 44:55, Owen von Richter, 2013

2.      Fastest ‘Wetsuit – Man’: 44:55, Owen von Richter, 2013

3.      Fastest ‘Wetsuit – Woman’: 51:48, Lynn Rodgers,2013

4.      Fastest ‘Naked – Man’: 46:58, John Steadman, 2009

5.      Fastest ‘Naked – Woman’: 50:53, Elissa Gelleny, 2013

6.      ‘Best Value’ Swimmer –  2:23, Kathleen McDonnell, 2012

spectacular homes! (click to enlarge)

 Annual Division Winners 


·Fastest ‘Wetsuit – Man’: 49:16, Ross Shepherd

· Fastest ‘Wetsuit – Woman’: 56:58, Elizabeth Primrose

· Fastest ‘Naked – Man’: 49:17, William Leonard

· Fastest ‘Naked – Woman’: 1:00:04, Annaleise Carr

· ‘Best Value’ Swimmer: 1:41:36, Maged Doss

· Overall Results (click to view):

LOST Race results (2014) or


·Fastest ‘Wetsuit – Man’: 44:55, Owen von Richter

· Fastest ‘Wetsuit – Woman’: 51:48, Lynn Rodgers

· Fastest ‘Naked – Man’: 53:14, Miguel Nascimento

· Fastest ‘Naked – Woman’: 50:53, Elissa Gelleny

· ‘Best Value’ Swimmer: 1:36:09, Brett Titus

· Overall Results (click to view): LOST Race results, (2013)



·Fastest ‘Wetsuit – Man’: 50:51, Dylan Kent

· Fastest ‘Wetsuit – Woman’: 57:05, Ayesha Rollinson

· Fastest ‘Naked – Man’: 51:57, Reed Nerendorf

· Fastest ‘Naked – Woman’: 1:03:18, Cathy Crawley

· ‘Best Value’ Swimmer: 2:23:25, Kathleen McDonnell

· Overall Results (click to view):   LOST Race results, (2012)

2012 Masters Swimming Canada 10K National Championship

· Fastest  Man’: 2:24, Samer Yaghmour

· Fastest  Woman’: 2:29:23, Lynn Marshall

· Overall Results (click to view):  MSC 10K National Championship results, 2012


·Fastest ‘Wetsuit – Man’: 47:03, Bud Seawright

· Fastest ‘Wetsuit – Woman’: 52:09, Lynn Rodgers

· Fastest ‘Naked – Man’: 52:05, Andrew Taylor

· Fastest ‘Naked – Woman’: 59:25, Carolina Lleras

· ‘Best Value’ Swimmer: 1:33:58, Clara Northcott

· Overall Results (click to view):  LOST Race results, (2011)


·Fastest ‘Wetsuit – Man’: 54:56, Andrew Taylor

· Fastest ‘Wetsuit – Woman’: 59:37, Lynn Rodgers

· Fastest ‘Naked – Man’: 51:45, Dylan Kent

· Fastest ‘Naked – Woman’: 58:00, Lisa Neidrauer

· ‘Best Value’ Swimmer: 2:04:00, Caelyn McAulay

· Overall Results (click to view): LOST Race results, (2010) 


· Fastest ‘Wetsuit – Man’: 46:05, Dylan Kent

· Fastest ‘Wetsuit – Woman’: 59:30, Joanne Kent

· Fastest ‘Naked – Man’: 46:58, John Steadman

· Fastest ‘Naked – Woman’: 1:02:40, Maisey Kent

· ‘Best Value’ Swimmer: 1:35:25, Christophe Walkowski

· Overall Results (click to view):   LOST Race results (2009)        


· Fastest ‘Wetsuit – Man’: 49:00, Dylan Kent

· Fastest ‘Wetsuit – Woman’: 55:00, Jenn Kerr

· Fastest ‘Naked – Man’: 1:15:02, Rob Kent

· Fastest ‘Naked – Woman’: no entrants

· ‘Best Value’ Swimmer: 1:45:02, Hugh Ryder

· Overall Results (click to view): LOST Race results (2008)   

The Other Stats

Race Day Weather Records:

  • 2014, Aug 9  – 67F / 20C, flat as a pool and a nice sunny day, not much current, air 26C
  • 2013, Aug 10 – 63F / 17C, flat as a pool and a nice sunny day, not much current, air 28C
  • 2012, Aug 11 – 73F / 23C, very rough, rain, strong negative current, overcast, air 25C
  • 2011, Aug 13 – 71F / 21C, flat water, slight positive current, overcast, air temp 24C
  • 2010, Aug 14 – 71F / 21C, very choppy, sunny, air temp 28C
  • 2009, Aug 15 – 70F / 21C, flat water, fairly strong positive current, sunny, air 28C
  • 2008, Aug 9 – 60F / 16C, small waves, overcast, air temp 22C

Number of Participants:

  • 2014 – 86 swimmers – 67 wetsuit, 19 naked (22%)
  • 2013 – 94 swimmers – 77 wetsuit, 17 naked (18%)
  • 2012 – 109 swimmers – 65 wetsuit, 44 naked (40%) (includes 10k Nat. Champs)
  • 2011 – 85 swimmers – 56 wetsuit, 29 naked (34%)
  • 2010 – 64 swimmers – 48 wetsuit, 16 naked (25%)
  • 2009 – 39 swimmers – 33 wetsuit, 6 naked (15%)
  • 2008 – 8 swimmers –  6 wetsuit, 2 naked (25%)

Pictures from various LOST Races…

LOST Race, 2014!!!

LOST Race, 2014!!!

The LOST Race 2013

The LOST Race 2013

LOST Race, 2011… 85 swimmers!!! (click to enlarge)

LOST Race, 2010… 64 swimmers! (click to enlarge)

The LOST Race, 2009

The LOST Race, 2009… 39 swimmers! (click to enlarge)

The Lost Race, 2008

The Lost Race, 2008… 8 swimmers!

2009, getting ready for the Start!

lining up for the start in 2010!

More beautiful estates… a view most people never see! (click to enlarge)

Sprint to the finish… you must touch the flag!!!

2008 Lost Race winner, Dylan Kent

2008 Lost Race winner, Dylan Kent

Maisey's hand-painted LOST Awards

Maisey’s hand-painted LOST Awards

85 swimmers… lining up to go! (2011)

Perfect conditions for swimmers… and support… flat and warm! (2011)

LOST Trophy and CNE pics

LOST Trophy and CNE pics

The 4 Champions: Ross Shepherd (1st overall & 1st male/wetsuit)... Beth Primrose (1st female/wetsuit)... William Leonard (1st male/naked)... Annaleise Carr (1st female/naked)

The 2014 Champions: Ross Shepherd (1st overall & 1st male/wetsuit)… Beth Primrose (1st female/wetsuit)… William Leonard (1st male/naked)… Annaleise Carr (1st female/naked)

CNE Race, #4, see original captions below, (click to enlarge)

CNE Race, #4, see original captions below, (click to enlarge)

CNE Race, #3, see original captions below, (click to enlarge)

CNE Race, #3, see original captions below, (click to enlarge)

CNE Race, #2, see original captions below, (click to enlarge)

CNE Race, #2, see original captions below, (click to enlarge)

CNE Race, #1, see original captions below, (click to enlarge)

CNE Race, #1, see original captions below, (click to enlarge)