The LOST Race

& LOST Mile

Saturday August 17, 2019

1 Navy St (LOST Mile)
1 Maple Grove Dr (LOST Race)

Oakville, ON, Canada

The LOST Race is one of Canada’s premier open water events and is hosted by the Lake Ontario Swim Team, a non-profit, volunteer run organization founded in 2006.

The LOST Race is a fun, inclusive and competitive 3.8 km (Ironman distance) race in Oakville, Ontario, Canada.

Oakville has become the top spot for open water racing in Lake Ontario, and the LOST Race, which began in 2008 with just 8 swimmers, has grown to over 200 swimmers each year!

The route is a point to point route and is safe and fun.  It is also exceptionally scenic as it passes by one of the most beautiful neighborhoods, with some of the most spectacular and expensive homes in Canada! 

The majority of participants are just regular swimmers that are up for a good challenge, but over the years there have also been some pretty amazing swimmers compete too. There’s been tons of triathletes (Ironman especially), NCAA and Canadian Varsity swimmers, Olympians, people who have swum the English Channel, around Manhattan, around Key West, the length of Tampa Bay and numerous other marathon swims around the world… and of course there are even a select few who have swum across Lake Ontario!

Starting in 2016 we also started “The LOST Mile”!  A bit shorter for those that haven’t worked up to the 3.8 km distance or a bit faster for those that want to do a 1 mile sprint!  Either way there is something for everyone and both are a lot of fun!

So join us for an epic morning race, splashing around in one of the best open water locations in the world!


The LOST Race is a part of the Global Swim Series

The Global Swim Series is the largest open water swim series in the world with over 150 races around the world. All swimmers at the LOST Race & LOST Mile will earn GSS points towards their Global Rankings to compete against other GSS swimmers from around the world!

The LOST Race

  • 3.8km Distance
  • Point-to-Point Swim
  • Swim along some of Canada's most beautiful homes

LOST Race Start

The LOST Mile

  • 1.6km Looped Course
  • Great course for beginners & a fast one for more experienced swimmers looking for a sprint
  • Starts & finishes at the LOST Race finish line

LOST Mile Start

Schedule of Events

  • 6:30AM - Registration opens at both LOST Race & LOST Mile starting locations
  • 7:45AM - LOST Race pre-race briefing
  • 8:00AM - LOST Race starts
  • 8:15AM - LOST Mile pre-race briefing
  • 8:30AM - LOST Mile starts
  • 10:00AM - LOST Race cut-off (race director's discretion based on conditions)
  • 10:00AM - Awards presentation begins
  • 10:20AM - LOST Pier Picture

What you need to know!

  • The event takes place in Oakville, ON the 3rd Saturday in August!
  • The LOST Race is a point-to-point swim
  • LOST Race start is at 1 Maple Grove Dr
  • LOST Race finish is at Navy St Pier (1 Navy St)
  • The LOST Mile is a looped course
  • The LOST Mile starts and finishes at the Navy St Pier (1 Navy St), the finish of the LOST Race
  • Water temperature can vary year to year, best to plan ahead and consider wearing a wetsuit if it's cold
  • Water temperature is usually between 60F-70F or 16C-21C

The Routes

Race Morning Logistics

For the LOST Race:

  • Arrive at Maple Grove Drive. Exact address of race start is "2 Maple Grove Drive, Oakville, ON"
  • There is limited parking available at the start. Swimmers can either park across the street at Ardleigh Park or drive their cars to the finish at Navy St and then car pool back to the start. We do not have any shuttles running between the start and finish prior to the race.
  • Check-in! Pick-up your cap and timing chips and get your body markings.
  • Race day registration is also available for those that have not already done so.
  • We will have info on temperature posted and will be making announcements based on conditions prior to the race. Race briefing begins at 7:45.
  • There is free bag check available. Swimmer bags will be transported to await them at the finish. One bag per swimmer limit.
  • Careful entering the water. The entry point consists of stepped rocks that are generally easily navigable but are uneven and can be slippery.
  • The start is an in-water start.
  • Once the gun goes off the swim begins! See you at the finish!
  • Have a great race! Once you finish there's a medal as well as some awesome finisher prizes waiting for you!

For the LOST Mile:

  • The LOST Mile is a looped course that starts and finishes at Lakeside Park in Oakville. Exact address is "1 Navy Street, Oakville, ON".
  • Parking is available at the foot of Navy St beside the Oakville museum. There is also street parking available on the surrounding side streets.
  • Check-in & race day registration are available. If you are already registered you must still check-in and pickup you cap, timing chip and get your body markings
  • Bag check is available for swimmers. Limit of 1 bag per swimmer.
  • Race briefing will start 15 minutes prior to the race. The course is an easy to follow one-loop course
  • Race starts in water at the shore.
  • Have a great race! Once you finish there's a medal as well as some awesome finisher prizes waiting for you!

MSC Open Water National Championships

The LOST Race & LOST Mile is proud to host the Masters Swimming Canada Open Water National Championships! You don't have to be a masters swimmer to be a part of the LOST Race but we will also be recognizing winners of the Masters event in conjuction with the LOST Race & LOST Mile!


While the conditions have remained relatively stable over the history of the race, the biggest variable is by far temperature.

Lake Ontario is a large and very deep body of water and in the summer months is subject to "rollovers" where the cold water from the bottom of the lake is brought up to the top of the surface of the lake, dramatically reducing the temperature. This can happen overnight. Typically in mid-August when we hold the race the temperature is more stable as more of the lake has warmed top to bottom. As of 2018 we have moved the race back a weekend in a hope to benefit from statistically higher water temperatures. In the 10 previous years of the LOST Race we have had 2 years where the temperature has dipped below 55F/13C. In both of those years we offered a shortened version of the race. Typically the lake temperature in August is between 60F-70F (15C-21C).


The conditions on Lake Ontario can vary year to year and over the history of the LOST Race we've seen a bit of everything. While there have been a couple years with some waves typically the race has been flat and smooth. The water is almost always clear with high visibility. Some years there has been a slight positive current aiding swimmers.

Race Cancellation

In the unlikely event that we have to cancel the race for safety reasons (storms, water temperature, rough water conditions, etc) we will unfortunately not be able to provide refunds as all of our costs are paid upfront (insurance, timing system, swag, medals, permits, etc). Naturally this would be our last choice, but we take the safety of our swimmers very seriously and is our top priority.

For similar reasons, like most races, we are unfortunately unable to issue individual refunds for any reason.


This is our top priority. So if you find that we tend to err to the side of safety, this is why. Realistically what this means is that if there is significant danger of any type we will cancel the race… or if we feel that for any reason you may not be able to safely complete the race, we will ask/tell you that you must abort the race. Naturally we want you to be able to complete the race and we will try our best to accommodate you, however there is a 2 hour cut off... but… it is a rough cut off (for the LOST Race, the LOST Mile is at the discretion of the on-water crew). Meaning that it depends on the conditions. If it is a tough year and everyone is much slower, then we will take that into account, but by the same token if it is a rough year we may make the cut off shorter too. Open water swimming is not an exact science, we balance: wanting to see you finish… with safety to make the call.


We award prizes for both the LOST Race and LOST Mile. We recognize the top 3 swimmers in 4 categories for each event. The categories are: Male Wetsuit, Female Wetsuit, Male Non-Wetsuit, Female Non-Wetsuit. The 4 winners in both the LOST Race and LOST Mile will also have their names engraved on a prestigous trophy!


Weather Records

    • 2018, Aug 18 – 71F/21C, fairly big chop, neutral current.  Sunny and clear, air 25C
    • 2017, Aug 12 – 48F/9C, the “Fog Year”, very foggy and cold.  Shortened 750m & 500m
    • 2016, Aug 13 – 72F/22C, perfect conditions, flat water, air 35C.  Stormed 2 hours later
    • 2015, Aug 8 – 55F/12C, the “Cold Year”. Shortened it to 1k & 500m. Pretty rough too
    • 2014, Aug 9  – 67F/20C, flat as a pool and a nice sunny day, not much current, air 26C
    • 2013, Aug 10 – 63F/17C, flat as a pool and a nice sunny day, not much current, air 28C
    • 2012, Aug 11 – 73F/23C, very rough, rain, strong negative current, overcast, air 25C
    • 2011, Aug 13 – 71F/21C, flat water, slight positive current, overcast, air temp 24C
    • 2010, Aug 14 – 71F/21C, very choppy, sunny, air temp 28C
    • 2009, Aug 15 – 70F/21C, flat water, fairly strong positive current, sunny, air 28C
    • 2008, Aug 9 – 60F/16C, small waves, overcast, air temp 22C

"LOST Race" All Time Records

Owen Von Richter

Male Wetsuit


Carly Cermak

Female Wetsuit


John Steadman

Male Non-Wetsuit


Elissa Gelleny Female Non-Wetuit

Elissa Gelleny - 2013

"LOST Mile" All Time Records

Male Wetsuit

Craig Ross - 2016

Female Wetsuit

Erika Friesen - 2018

Male Non-Wetsuit

Luis Escobar - 2016

Female Non-Wetsuit

Lesley Dusevic - 2018
Non-Wetsuit Swimmers

Past Participation

  • 2018 - 192 swimmers - 116W/76N
  • 2017 - 176 swimmers - 176W
  • 2016 - 169 swimmers - 111W/58N
  • 2015 - 90 swimmers - 74W/16N
  • 2014 - 86 swimmers - 67W/19N
  • 2013 - 94 swimmers - 77W/17N
  • 2012 - 109 swimmers - 65W/44N
  • 2011 - 85 swimmers - 56W/29N
  • 2010 - 64 swimmers - 48W/16N
  • 2009 - 39 swimmers - 33W/6N
  • 2008 - 8 swimmers - 6W/2N

  • W=wetsuit, N="naked"/non-wetsuit
Wetsuit Swimmers

LOST Race Previous Results


The LOST Race
1st Male Wetsuit: Chris Van De Water - 47:02
1st Female Wetsuit: Carly Cermak - 50:08
1st Male Non-Wetsuit: Dylan Kent - 50:09
1st Female Non-Wetsuit: Elise Bolger - 51:32

The LOST Mile
1st Male Wetsuit: Daniel Phillips - 26:02
1st Female Wetsuit: Erika Friesen - 26:19
1st Male Non-Wetsuit: Craig Ross - 25:43
1st Female Non-Wetsuit: Lesley Dusevic - 26:07

MSC Champions - The LOST Race
1st Male Wetsuit: Chris Van De Water - 47:02
1st Female Wetsuit: Carly Cermak - 50:08
1st Male Non-Wetsuit: Dylan Kent - 50:09
1st Female Non-Wetsuit: Olga Bordatcheva - 54:32

MSC Champions - The LOST Mile
1st Male Wetsuit: no entrants
1st Female Wetsuit: Erika Friesen - 26:19
1st Male Non-Wetsuit: Dan Thompson - 27:47
1st Female Non-Wetsuit: Lesley Dusevic - 26:07


Distances shortened due to cold

1st Male Wetsuit: Mackenzie Holden - 10:25
1st Female Wetsuit: Bayley Dalbec - 11:54
*Wetsuit mandatory

1st Male Wetsuit: Luis Escobar - 8:43
1st Female Wetsuit: Karli McKinnon - 9:32
*wetsuit mandatory


The LOST Race
1st Male Wetsuit: Geminio Grossi - 54:27
1st Female Wetsuit: Megan Dodge - 57:57
1st Male Non-Wetsuit: Dylan Kent - 52:29
1st Female Non-Wetsuit: Lynn Rodgers - 58:51
The LOST Mile
1st Male Wetsuit: Craig Ross - 24:08
1st Female Wetsuit: Heather Winmill - 31:27
1st Male Non-Wetsuit: Luis Escobar - 24:37
1st Female Non-Wetsuit: Sarah Gallagher - 32:23


Distances shortened due to cold
1st Male Wetsuit: Loren King - 16:45
1st Female Wetsuit: Sara Nicholson - 18:20
1st Male Non-Wetsuit: Greg Streppel - 11:40
1st Female Non-Wetsuit: Lynn Rodgers - 16:24
1st Male Wetsuit: Charles Bolduc - 10:11
1st Female Wetsuit: Kristen Sanhueza - 9:27
1st Male Non-Wetsuit: Dylan Kent - 8:14
1st Female Non-Wetsuit: Lisa Pickering - 11:13


The LOST Race
1st Male Wetsuit: Ross Shepherd - 49:16
1st Female Wetsuit: Elizabeth Primrose - 56:58
1st Male Non-Wetsuit: William Leonard - 49:17
1st Female Non-Wetsuit: Annaleise Carr - 1:00:04


The LOST Race
1st Male Wetsuit: Owen Von Richter - 44:55
1st Female Wetsuit: Lynn Rodgers - 51:48
1st Male Non-Wetsuit: Miguel Nascimento - 53:14
1st Female Non-Wetsuit: Elissa Gelleny - 50:53


The LOST Race
1st Male Wetsuit: Dylan Kent - 50:51
1st Female Wetsuit: Ayesha Rollinson - 57:05
1st Male Non-Wetsuit: Reed Neuendorf - 51:57
1st Female Non-Wetsuit: Cathy Crawley - 1:03:18


The LOST Race
1st Male Wetsuit: Bud Seawright - 47:03
1st Female Wetsuit: Lynn Rodgers - 52:09
1st Male Non-Wetsuit: Andrew Taylor - 52:05
1st Female Non-Wetsuit: Carolina Lleras - 59:25



The LOST Race
1st Male Wetsuit: Andrew Taylor - 54:56
1st Female Wetsuit: Lynn Rodgers - 59:37
1st Male Non-Wetsuit: Dylan Kent - 51:45
1st Female Non-Wetsuit: Lisa Neidrauer - 58:00


The LOST Race
1st Male Wetsuit: Dylan Kent - 46:05
1st Female Wetsuit: Joanne Kent - 59:30
1st Male Non-Wetsuit: John Steadman - 46:58
1st Female Non-Wetsuit: Maisey Kent - 1:02:40

The Lost Race, 2008


The LOST Race
1st Male Wetsuit: Dylan Kent - 49:00
1st Female Wetsuit: Jenn Kerr - 55:00
1st Male Non-Wetsuit: Rob Kent - 1:15:02
1st Female Non-Wetsuit: No Entrants