Although LOST Swimming is an open water swim team, the majority of the members in the group also participate in other sports.

Peter Von Euw, Alex Mcmillin, Rob Kent, Heather Fuhr, Deanna Solomon, IMLP 2003
Peter Von Euw, Alex Mcmillin, Rob Kent, Heather Fuhr, Deanna Solomon, IMLP 2003

In fact, the original core of the group started as a  running group that ran out of the Running Room in downtown Oakville from the days the Running Room opened in about 1997.  Rob Kent, Alex Mcmillin, Peter Von Euw and several others from the early days are still part of the group, but things changed one Wednesday night in the fall of 2002 when, over a pint or two at the Queen’s Head, Rob asked Alex, and then they both convinced Peter, to do Ironman USA in Lake Placid!  Things have never been the same since.

This was the best thing that ever happened to the group and it grew organically.  We all moved from being just runners, to being cyclists and swimmers too!  The great thing about all this was the people that we rolled into the group and soon we had lots of swim, bike, run and triathlon friends.

It was this indirect route of getting back into the water after a 17 year break (1988 Olympic Trials until 2005 English Channel swim) that lead Rob back to swimming… and starting LOST Swimming.

One of the best things about triathlon is that it forces athletes to participate in sports that they normally wouldn’t.  And fortunately for LOST Swimming there are lots of triathletes that are now interested in open water swimming.

IM L.O.S.T. in Louisville!
IM L.O.S.T. Tri Team in Louisville!

As a result, LOST Swimming has a very close tie to triathlon and all the triathletes in the Oakville and Burlington area.  In fact, Rob used his persuasive powers to enlist 25 people, including 12 Ironman rookies, to join him and Joanne at Ironman Louisville in 2009.  Natural attrition due to injuries and conflicting schedules wittled that number down to 15 people by race day… but nonetheless, The LOST TRI group was born!

The LOST Triathlon group is not a formal club, but a casual group of triathletes that train together at various times and locations in Oakville and Burlington.  We still run out of the Running Room, Wednesdays at 6:30… or sometimes out of the Running Company across the street… and, of course, are good for a few pints at “Prime Time” after that (unfortunately the Queen’s head closed years ago!)   We get long runs in on Sundays in the trails behind Rotherglen School or along North Shore from of JC Bagels or head east along Lakeshore along the Mississauga Marathon course into Rattray Park and the other Lakeshore Parks in Mississauga.

2009 Canada Day ride to St. Catherines!
2009 Canada Day ride to St. Catherines!

Sunday long rides are usually from start at Williams Coffee Pub at 3rd Line and Upper Middle and head up to Escarpment country for some good climbs and lots of rollers.  Start times vary depending on daylight, but usual start is 7:00 am and can go from 40km to 200km, when people are feeling really crazy!  The usual speed is about 30 kph, but we always wait at the corners to let everyone regroup and lookout for each other.  Much like the running group, the riding group is often the same crowd and the same fun bunch.  Scott Gaye even initiated an immensely popular ride to St. Catherines on Canada Day (July 1st), where we ride about 90 km down, at a pace that accomodates the competitive and non-competitive riders, stop for lunch and a pint… and then take the train back!  A less serious and more of fun ride which is likely to prove to be an annual event!

LOST Swimming, June 20, 2009
LOST Swimming, June 20, 2009

But most importantly (at least for the purposes of the swimmers in the group!) is LOST Swimming!  We meet every Saturday at 8:00 am in downtown Oakville, at the foot of Navy Street, by the Lighthouse Pier at the mouth of 16 Mile Creek.  We usually swim east, parallel to the shore, in front of some of the most scenic homes in Oakville, if not Canada.  We do a simple out-and-back for a given amount of time, depending on the water temperature.  When the water is a bit nippy, it might be only 15 minutes out and 15 minutes back… but later in the summer when the water is toasty warm, we might go as far as 1 hour out and 1 hour back.  Same group, same enthusiatic, fun and welcoming bunch of athletes!

Feel free to contact Rob Kent or any member of the Tri group for more exact times and locations… the more the merrier!

Ironman Canada, 2011: (back) Alex, Bruce, Albert, Tim, John, Ron, Rob, Brian, (front) Brett, David, Hugh, Allan, Peter, Joanne