Giving up on Lance…


So here is one that is hardly contreversial at all… cutting off the Livestrong bracelet!  Unlike Lance, I couldn’t avoid the topic any longer.

I got my Livestrong bracelet in 2004, right at the peak of Lance-mania!  And I’ve never, ever taken it off.  I swam (most of the way) across the English Channel with it on… ran for 7 days across the Sahara with it on… swam around Manhattan with it on… and across Lake Ontario… and every day in between.  So it does mean something to me.  Like it did to a lot of people.  I read the books and drank the Kool Aid… I was all in for Lance and a big defender for all those years.  And one of the last to be forced off the sinking ship.

Alain loving every minute of cutting the Livestrong bracelet off!
(click to enlarge)

But I also did all the research and read every news story out… all with my pro-Lance bias… and I still could not find any way to support him. 

I tried every rationalization I could find, but none of them held up to my own personal logic or ethics.  He raised money for cancer… and pocketed $120 million on his cheating.  We were duped… and most people were very emotionally invested.  But when it was all said and done… he cheated in the most grand manner and lead the parade. 

Whatever… another cheater.  I’ve moved on… and taken off the braclet!




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