So I was down at LOST Beach checking out the “improvements”, and I saw that things have changed?  Check out these pics…

I had to google it, but HAVN doesn’t mean LOST Beach… it means Harbour… in Danish!  I didn’t bother translating the other signs, but I’m hoping they don’t mean “no swimming”.  (maybe we’ll have to get Coach Mette to translate for us!… update: Mette emailed me, apparently it Norwegian!  Oops.  So what do I know…)

Actually I got there and found a couple of guys packing stuff up.  Apparently they were filming a TV show!  Apparently a show called “Impulse”… as in “what gave you the impulse to jump in the Lake?!”  Or at least how I envisioned it.

In other news, I had a meeting about a month ago with a few Town Councillors and the Head of Parks and Open Spaces.  And one thing they agreed to was to replace the large armour stone that they took away during the renovation, as well as repave the path and re-sod the area by the armour stone.  Given that the purpose of the renovation was to help minimize erosion damage, it only made sense to leave the stones there, but the stones are also commonly used by the general public and LOSTies just as a place to sit.  So that’s good.

The other thing I will be working with the Town on is fixing the beach.  Recall the round softball sized stones on the beach were only supposed to be on the eastern half of the beach according to the Town’s own plans.  Well that isn’t what happened.  The whole beach was covered in these stones which make it hard, and dangerous, to walk on.  

So the Town has agreed to fixing their fix.  I will be meeting with the Head of Parks and Open Spaces in the next month to return our end of the beach to the flat stones that were there originally.  They will also be doing their general beach clean up.  So that’s good.

We’re still working with the Town on better water access at LOST Beach, Tanner Park, Edgemere Park, as well as 3 other beaches in Oakville, so that they will include water access.  Or that’s the plan, anyway.

See you at LOST Beach on June 1!

Register now, and buy that wetsuit if you need one!  (see previous post).




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