LOST Swim to Tannery Park… Sat, Oct 20, 9:00 am!!!

So I want to further bring these issues to light to see if we can get real action from the Town:

a) access to the water at Tannery Park or Edgemere Park

b) consultation and support for LOST Swimming (or other water activities, judging from conversations with other community groups)

c) improving the access to the water at LOST Beach, rather than making it unswimable, like what has been done to the 2,500 feet of shoreline at Edgemere and Tannery Parks.

So just like how LOST Swimming started 13 years ago… I am going for a swim this Saturday… and I hope you will join me!

Because this is important.

And if swimming from LOST Beach (or the Lighthouse) to Tannery Park, in very cold water, on a cold fall morning, is not your idea of fun… then please come out and show the Town that this isn’t just my crazy idea that people should have access to our Great Lake!

The “Wai-Nui-Outrigger” group, another community group that was not consulted on the waterfront development and who support our goals, will also be there to offer boating support.

Everyone is welcome.  This includes: swimmers, paddlers, rowers, boaters, kids, families and anyone who likes access to the water… and, yes, any and all, politicians that support these goals!

Despite getting over 1300 signatures (so far) on this petition, and to be perfectly transparent, the only politicians I have only heard from are:

a) Julia Hanna (mayoral candidate) – has offered her support

b) Michael Reid (challenger in Ward 5) – has offered his support

c) Cathy Duddeck (unopposed incumbent, Ward 2) – has agreed to meet to discuss the topic in November.

I am hoping that the other incumbents and challengers will take this opportunity to show their support before the election on Monday… rather than their lack of support.  We hope to have media coverage there too.

PS. we will be going to “Bean There Cafe” after (9:30 at Lakeshore and Reynolds) to congratulate last weekends accomplishments by LOSTies:

1) Brett Titus & Carol Elliot – completed “Ironman World Championships” in Hawaii

2) Darren Osborne & Katherine Borczak – completed the 17k “Swim The Suck” on the Tennessee River!

3) Gerry Kelly, Edwin Greenfield, Leszek Skibinski & Sharon Purdy – who completed the “Escape from Alcatraz Swim” in San Francisco!

See you on Saturday!