To quote one of my favorite lines about LOSTies:  “He’s got a bit of a spark to ‘im, doesn’t he!”  

Alex, Deanna, me and Peter… “How hard could it be?!” Our first Ironman in 2003!

For some reason I remember it well.  It was several years ago, when I first met this new Aussie guy (John Gayford) at LOST Swimming on Saturday morning.  He was talking about (Alex Mcmillin) one of the original LOSTies.

Now I forget what Alex was actually doing… but Alex does a lot. (22 time Boston Marathoner, multi-time Ironman, big time sailor… oh, and he likes beer).

Both are real LOSTies.

Darren, Thumper, Rob, Alex and Jackie… in the pubs of Key West… after swimming around it!

As it turns out so does John.  He’s “got a bit of spark to him too!”  A few years ago he was interviewed on TV about that airplane that went down in the Indian Ocean, that they never found.  It is one of the most severe and isolated places on earth.  Not good for swimming.  Or for sailing even.  Few people in history have ever sailed to Australia taking this route, they usually go across the Pacific.  But John has.  And it was rough.

The 3 Amigo’s… Chris, Gerry and John!

And now he’s off on another legendary sailing trip!   Sounds like he is going to pick up a few exotic GSS points for his Global Ranking too! ( He’s currently ranked 11th in the world, in the Male – Wetsuit Division!).

Some guys are just true adventurers…

John’s next little adventure… sailing the South Pacific!

Here’s the note from John:

“After nearly ten years from the last adventure of sailing from Canada to Australia, the sailing is set to start again.

Im sure they will be keeping their eyes open for all kinds of aquatic life on the way… even Mermaids!… even if it is just in the pubs!


Brendan S and I are partners in a legendary C&C 43 sailboat that is ready to sail the world from Fiji.  Built by Bruckmann Yachts, the C&C 43 is outstandingly strong, powerful and fast racer/cruiser. Our boat has been completely rebuilt inside and out, at Bruckmann Yachts, with the same attention to detail as the original build with all the latest mod cons for comfortable cruising and adventuring.

LOSTie, John Gayford, all ready to go at the Embrace SwimFest!
Yikes!!! Too late now John!

This time the sailing will focus on relaxed cruising with the purpose being: Fun, Friendship, Fitness, and Adventuring.

We want this adventure to be more than just sailing.  We want to enjoy lots of swimming, diving, fishing, walking, biking, and exploring new places and cultures.

Tentatively we expect to be in Fiji for May, NZ for June/July, Niue, Tonga, Fiji and Vanuatu for July, August, September, and East coast of Australia after that.”

Cheers     Brendan and John  

John and Mark… all smiles after the 2014 LOST Race!

Good luck, boys!!!  Send pics (and fresh water mermaids!).




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