Now is the time to order your wetsuit for the first LOST Swim… June 1!


So we are only 2 months away from the 14th season of LOST Swimming!  Woohoo!

And, come the first swim, everyone says “oooh, it’s pretty chilly… maybe I should order a wetsuit” (don’t worry, it warms up quickly!).  Or maybe you are like me and your wetsuit is just worn out and you need a new one.

Well now is the time to order it, so you are ready to go for opening day!

The last one I bought was a very high end, “fast” one… but guess what?  They all wear out.  And by “wear out”, I mean they get rips and tears in them.  Mine has lots of the finger nail tears and is falling apart.  I’m due.

I get asked about what I recommend for wetsuits about a hundred times each summer… so here is my advice from owning many wetsuits, and many years of open water swimming:

  1. they all wear out… you don’t need to buy expensive one.  Unless you really want to, the more expensive ones are faster… slightly.  I just think it is more important to get people in the water and you don’t need to spend a ton to get started!
  2. full suit or sleeveless?  My rule of thumb is: if the cold REALLY bothers you get a full suit.  Just be comfortable.  But the trade off is: you are warmer, and slightly more buoyant… but a bit more restrictive in your swimming stroke.  So I usually say: if you are new to open water swimming get a full suit… if you are not new to open water swimming or hate how the sleeves effect your stroke, get a sleeveless.
  3. or just suck it up and go “naked”.  Be a bad-ass and gradually acclimatize yourself to be a true open water swimmer!  Still nice to have the option though.

I go naked sometimes… or swim in a sleeveless… I haven’t worn my full suit in years, but full suits are the most popular.

And so here are some great deals from Xterra.  They are the biggest sellers of wetsuits in the world.  Because they are good suits… and the best prices.

2 options:

  1. order it from their Canadian selection:
    • slightly more limited selection
    • still really good pricing!  (you can get a sleeveless for under $100 bucks!)
    • easy sizing guide
    • $39 USD shipping fee
    • no discount code needed anymore
  2. order it from their US selection:
    • Wider selection
    • great prices
    • easy sizing guide
    • no $39 shipping fee
    • ship it to Buffalo or mail it to a friend, to mail to you
    • use discount code: LOST-CA

See you soon!