oooooh… I’m getting nervous!


Only a couple more days until the 11th annual LOST Race & LOST Mile!  Don’t worry though… I get like this in August every year.  And by Saturday it just turns to excitement!

Ok, I’m sure you are getting a bit excited about swimming it too… but as the Race Director… let me tell you, it’s nerve wracking.  Only person it is harder on (other than Mike, Darren, Dylan, Mauro, etc) is Joanne.  She has to put up with me for the week leading up to the race.  I know I don’t sleep well before… but she isn’t that keen about her not sleeping well before too!

cool shot!


The good news is… everything is looking great!  This really should be the best race ever!  We have some great swag (Swell water bottles thanks to John Stribany!) and prizes.  We are also hosting the Masters Swimming Canada Canadian Championships!  And we’ve got a bunch of great swimmers competing too!

The other thing is… our old nemisis… the infamous Lake O roll-over!  Well this has been a spectacular summer.  Probably the warmest water and best conditions we’ve had in the 13 years of LOST Swimming… so even if we do get a roll-over now, it seems quite unlikely that it will be a strong one.  At least not like last year.

I hope I didn’t jinx it.

Anyway, have a look at the pics from another perfect swim last weekend.  And we’ll see you on Saturday!

PS.  Great to have so many international visitor this summer too!  3 or 4 from the UK and a couple up from NYC, as well as Montreal and Vancouver!  The more the merrier!