Here are a bunch of odds and ends that might be of interest…  (email me if you have something that would be good to add!  [email protected])

  1. Rob Kent’s English Channel swim…
  2. Rob’s Manhattan Island Marathon Swim, June 12, 2010
  3.  LOST Polar Bear Dip, Jan 1, 2013
  4. LOST Polar Bear Dip, Jan 1, 2012  
  5. Polar Bear Dip, Jan 1, 2011… the first LOST Swim of 2011!!!
  6. Rob’s CBC interview BEFORE Marathon des Sables…
  7. Rob’s CBC interview AFTER Marathon des Sables…
  8. Marathon des Sables training
  9. The Oakville gang does Ironman Wisconsin 2007
  10. The Perfect Stroke…
  11. A dolphin stampede in the Sea of Cortez… truly amazing!
  12. We’re going to have to visit “Lucky’s Lake”… he’s got the right idea!
  13. Swimmer Guy vs Tri Girl
  14. LOSTie, Steve Faulkner, at the 2009 LA Tri… now THAT’S a tri swim!
  15. The late, great Fran Crippen showing how to win an open water race!
  16. Fran Crippen’s wise words on pool vs open water swimming… and the most important thing about our sport!
  17. A trailer for a great movie about the Tour de France… “Chasing Legends”
  18. Incredible Shark video
  19. Norseman Extreme Ironman
  20. Rebekah Boscariol’s Lake O Crossing, August 2011 (15 hours, 33 mins)
  21. This put Ironman on the map… Julie Moss’s “The Crawl”
  22. Guinness beer… is there a better way, or reason, to work up a thirst…
  23. How to overcome your fear of tri swim starts…               
  24. The English Channel swimmers of 2012!