The start…

Well that was way too much fun.

big ol’ grins all around!

Ya, this is the 4th year of this fall classic.  A big thanks to those people who helped “not-organise” this fun and “unofficial” event: Mauro, Lisa & Catherine.  As I said to Mauro, using the “organisational work to fun” ratio, this is the best event ever!  Very little prep, a couple of volunteer timers, a few quick beers and burps and we’re off to the pub to celebrate!

My kinda fun.

… and the crowd… waiting in eager anticipation…
Star Wars and the Wookie!

And of course, everyone has their own little twist they’d like to see: a relay, a “shot” replacements, the swimming beer mile, etc.  But then it wouldn’t be “the Beer Mile”.  And I’m happy to participate if someone wants to organize one of those other derivatives of the Beer Mile, but in the meantime I’ll stay old school on this and stick to the official rules (there are official rules, btw!).  The race is all about fun and laughing and racing… and beer.  But having said that, it really is tough too!

I think there are probably more DNS (did not start) than DNF (did not finish)!  Most people talk the talk throughout the year (yes, I’m lookin’ at you!), but when the bottle caps fly, the crowd has thinned out a bit.  So a big tip o’ the hat to all those that completed it!  We may not all be Al Wiggins, but just finishing it is pretty impressive… ya, I’ll say it… kinda like an Ironman!

… and a leprechaun…

In fact, that reminds me of our favorite coffee man, Brett Titus.  The LOSTie owner of “Bean There” Cafe, where we end up after every swim (and run, for that matter).  He also just qualified for his 3rd Ironman World Championships a month ago!  But he had never done the Beer Mile.  And frankly, he sucks at chugging.  Or sipping beer for that matter.  Which is why it was so funny talking to him before the race.  He said he’d never been so nervous before a race!

And justly so.  He yacked.  But he made it.  Way to slay those demons, Brett!  And thanks for providing us with lots of fodder for jokes at the King’s Arms after!

While all of us like beer… we all are also still competitive.  So Mauro crunched some stats that you will likely find interesting:

Over the past 4 years:

  • 60 different participants
  • 30 participants in 2017
  • 4 people have done it all 4 years
  • 5 people have done it 3 out of the 4 years

    that’s just picking up a beer… not bending over for other reasons…
  • 8 people have done it twice
  • Al Wiggins has won 3 of the 4 years, and PB’d this year!
  • 2017 – 16 LOSTies, 14 CR’s,

See results for all 4 years!

So I guess to sum this one up… a ton of fun for spectators and “athletes” alike… and we love the good-hearted competition with our buddies at Connor’s Runners (I wonder if I will be so generous if the runners ever beat the swimmers! haha).

Until next year… stay thirsty, my friends!



The 3 time winner… Al Wiggins, with a buddy and his son! A proud, proud day!
Kabir… trying finishing one this time!
the devil made him do it!
… and the prize for the best dressed LOSTie goes to… Darren… makin’ velour sexy again!
2017 Beer Mile Results
4 Year Summary of the Beer Mile!


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