Join The Freestyle Experience for a week-long swimming adventure in sunny Barbados – coached exclusively by OLYMPIANS!

The Freestyle Experience Camp Barbados is designed for all levels of masters and open water swimmers and triathletes and takes place in sunny Barbados, at the National Aquatic Centre’s outdoor pool and the warm waters of the Atlantic Ocean. The camp is timed to occur during the Barbados Open Water Festival (an incredible 5-day GSS event) and the camp pool sessions do not conflict with the BOWF so you can participate in both our pool sessions and the BOWF open water sessions if you wish!

swimming over sea turtles in Barbados… doesn’t get much better than that!

Your camp will include 9 coached pool sessions,  specialized swim clinics (think butterfly and starts and turns), swim-specific yoga and pilates, stretch and strength sessions, team activities (paddle boarding or surfing for example), some team meals and social events and the opportunity to participate in the Barbados Open Water Festival with a group of new friends and teamates.

Your coaches, all Olympians, will guide you through this fun and exciting week while considering your abilities and goals. It will be challenging, but everyone can do it, and those who do won’t regret it! Change your swimming forever….join us in Barbados!

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