Thanks to Chris Mark and the Town!

So I just wanted to post this final version of the LOST Swim Shack.  I think we’ll go with that name, I like it because it kinda reminds me of a “Surf Shack”, that kinda beach, kinda hip, surfer dude vibe.  Although it is much nicer than that! haha.  Honourable mention for names go to: Swim Shed, LOST Lodge, Swim House, the Office, HQ and LOST House.  I have further plans in the works, so we might save those names for later!

We ended up spending a lot more money than I expected, but as I’ve said LOST is a non-profit, so we had some money saved up for just such an occasion, so we are okay on that.  And it took a lot longer than I expected too.  But we had enough help when we needed it, so that worked out fine too.

Milo, the team mascot!

To that end, thanks to everyone who helped out!  Going back to an earlier post/rant I put up earlier this summer, I think volunteering is really important.  And I, and all the other LOSTies, really appreciate it when you help out.  And I don’t mean to say that everyone needs to volunteer tons of hours to help run the club (like Mauro, Darren, Mike, etc) or donate money (but that helps too!  Thanks to John Stribany for the LOST glasses and cash donations for the upcoming LOST plaque too).  I just mean doing ANYTHING.  Helping set up on Saturday mornings.  Even if it is just bringing stuff out of the shed or putting it back, or throwing stuff in the garbage, or rolling out the mat, or helping people in or out of the water.  Anything really.  Because if we have 100 people down there helping out, then it all runs really smoothly.

Alexei, Chris and Rob… starting the framing…

But that’s not the real reason why I like people to help out… because it really isn’t a lot of work.  The real reason I like when people help out is… culture.  When people help out, it takes them from just participants to some degree of ownership.  I don’t want people to just sign up and go for a swim.  I want people to sign up and go for a swim… and feel like they are part of the LOST community.

sustenance… to keep us motivated! Thanks Jo Fallon!

I’m always saying that I’m amazed that there are so many people that come out and swim with us.  They don’t have to.  There are tons of other places to swim.  But there must be some reason that so many people, from so far away (St Catherines, Toronto, Mississauga, Barrie, Richmond Hill, London, Guelph, Ottawa… as well as South Africa, England, Ireland, Italy, Pennsylvania, San Francisco, Boston, Virginia, Florida, etc) come and swim with us.  And I think the answer is: culture.  We are a fun, welcoming and inclusive group that likes to swim.

transporting the walls in Adrians trailer…

That’s the part that I’m most proud of.  So keep it up.

To that end, next summer we’ll start a new tradition.  On the inside of the 2 doors we’ll get swimmers who swim with us from outside of Ontario to sign their name… and on the other I want to get everyone who helped, even in a small way, to build the LOST Swim Shack, to sign their name!

Here are a few of the names that I can think of that get to sign the door next summer, but feel free to remind me if I forgot you:

… and getting the walls out of the truck too!
starting the roof… getting stuff done!
  1. Rob Kent – a bit of everything
  2. Mark Bintley – the nail gunner!
  3. Chris Scade – the framer
  4. Cameron Blair – the engineer!
  5. Darren Osborne – the painter
  6. Alexi Martchenko – the muscle and framer!
  7. Cesar Centeno – more muscle
  8. Joanne Kent – windows
  9. Dylan Kent – framing
  10. Rick Paradis – framer & muscle
  11. Robert Paradis – more muscle
  12. Jo Fallon- treats!
  13. Adrian Brackel – the truck
  14. Mike Morton – gopher!
  15. Mauro Campinelli – muscle
  16. Alan Swankie – muscle
  17. Steve Ellison – man on the spot!
  18. Chris Mark – the pad, from the Town!
  19. Wayne Schnurr – muscle
  20. Ann Schnurr – muscle too!
  21. Milo – team mascot and “walker thru the paint”!

And in case you feel like you missed out… don’t worry, I’ve got some other big plans for LOST coming up next year!

PS. next stop… New Year’s Day “LOST Polar Bear Dip”!



The crew… working til dusk!
The finished product!


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