The Summer of Love(ly weather) continues!

It looks gray and miserable (I even had to brighten the picture!), but it was beautiful! 65F and flat!

After spotty weather for the last couple of summers, we are more than half way through this one… and it continues to look awesome!

Tomorrow is supposed to be 25C and humid.  The water is nice too.  Tough to say exactly, but very swim-able.  We were up to 72F, two weeks ago, last week was a 65F.  In the world of “roll overs”, rolling from 72 to 65 is a pretty nice roll over!  Beats the ones we get early in the season sometimes when it rolls from 70F to 50F overnight!

LOST Beach is about where the Green starts! haha

I had to laugh when I took a look at the water temp map… of course where we swim it wasn’t clear how warm/cold it would be!  The whole lake is REALLY warm… except from about Oakville to Toronto!  But honestly, I don’t mind.  Even the “cold” temp is only mid-60’s… and that also means its probably a bit cleaner too.  It’s all about circulation and where we swim, it does circulate well and often.  Which is why it’s great to swim where we do!  So don’t believe everyone when you hear that “you shouldn’t swim in Lake Ontario”… you just should swim where it circulates well.  Like at LOST Beach!

See you there tomorrow!