This summer has been like swimming in Hawaii… almost.


The weather for open water swimming in Oakville has been pretty much perfect.  I’m afraid to say this in July… but this might just go down as the best swimming summer in 13 years!

The weather has been hot, the water flat and warm… and the turnout has been amazing!  We’ve had between 85-95 LOSTies out for the past 3 weeks… and I think tomorrow will be right up there too!

But, ya… it’s still not quite Hawaii.  For that you’ll have to talk to Geoff and Darren.  They just got back from doing one of the toughest SUP races in the world… Maui 2 Molokai!  A 46k race from one island to the next.  In open ocean.

Having said that, there is some mitigating factors that “should” make it a bit “easier”.  It is all down-wind, so you can surf it!  Potentially, at least.  Geoff is a good surfer, and Darren… has done it.  Talking with Geoff, he was pretty surprised how the locals doing the race were actually not welcoming at all to the non-locals, telling them to go home!

However, they got the last laugh.  They finished, which was the goal.  And they weren’t last, which was a bonus.  The take-away was that the locals were right about one thing, having some local knowledge is a huge advantage… and could have saved them at least an hour.  They also had some time for some pretty amazing snorkelling too!

Check out the video!

Oh, one more thing… you can still register for the first annual “Toronto Mile” GSS – Canadian Championships at the Toronto Triathlon Festival!  You can register at the expo at Ontario Place on Saturday for the race on Sunday!  See you there!