And she is off!


Annaleise’s SPOT track just went live in NOTL – everyone send your best wishes her way for a safe a speedy swim to Toronto…


  1. Just saw coverage of the start of the swim on Toronto television news. Following Annaleise from the Bay of Quinte. Stay safe and strong. You can do it Anna !

  2. Annaleise it was a pleasure and honour meeting you, your family and crew today! You are so strong and we are lucky to be part of this great event. We wish you well and are cheering for you on every stroke you take.

  3. Loud cheers from Belmont, Annaleise!! Listened on the radio as you started your swim, and watching your progress on-line. This is SO cool!! You are one huge difference-maker!!! Way to go!!

  4. Annaleise we’re cheering for you in Waterloo! Congratulations! You have already accomplished an amazing feat raising money for Camp Trillium and attempting to cross the lake! Pretty awesome stuff! Keep an eye on Rob in the kayak beside you! We’re cheering for him too! Stay strong!
    Sandy and Kaye

  5. Swim Annaleise, swim! God once again calmed the waters for such a time as this.
    We in Miami are all behind you in thought and prayer. The Forbes

  6. We are and have been praying for you Annaleise. You are truly amazing to do this. Last night I couldn’t sleep and prayed for you as I thought you where in the water. Deb and Jeff you are also in our prayers. God is good!!!! Love and prayers Nellie

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