First LOST Swim of 2018 is in the books!

Maisey's first IM 70.3... in Raleigh, NC!
First LOST Swim of 2018! 49 swimmers, 53F/12C… let the 13th season begin!

Okay, for the first time in 13 years, I wasn’t at the first LOST Swim of the season.  But don’t worry, I still got a nice swim in!

My daughter, Maisey, and I did Ironman 70.3 in Raleigh, North Carolina!  It was Maisey’s first Ironman event and unfortunately she had 3 friends that were going to do the race with her… but they couldn’t be there, for one reason or another.  So she called me 2 weeks ago, sounding a bit down in the dumps because she was going to do her first IM race alone.  So Joanne said “you should go down and support her, you can be her sherpa and help her out and greet her at the finish line”.  To which I said “well… if I’m going to go… I’m going to race!”.

Maisey’s first IM 70.3… in Raleigh, NC!

I’m of the view that “life is a participation sport”.  Just get out there and do it.  Now, to what degree you do that is subjective.  Of course, racing a Half Ironman without having been on your bike in 3 years and running less than once per week, may be stretching that philosophy a bit for most people… but… whatever.  I did it anyway.

Finishing strong!

Long story short.  We both made it!  I was able to fake a 6:38 (not pretty, but I’ll take it, all things considered!).  Maisey did it!  7:11… not too shabby for her first one!  She was 3rd woman overall out of the water (the 2 that beat her were pro’s… she beat the best of the pro’s though!).  But she’s like her dad… still “room for improvement on the bike and run”. haha.

The long and short of it is… I had a lot of fun and had a special time with my daughter doing this race!  Really proud of her and it is pretty cool share something special like that.

Oh ya… my point was… yes, I got a swim in last Saturday too.

1.9 km, 81F in 32 minutes.

Talk about winging it! But I’ll take it!
And the most important part… fun and beers with my daughter after the race!

I’m thinking I beat all of you guys! haha.  Probably longer in distance and time… and definitely warmer!

But after that warm swim last weekend… and the GSS Global Championships in Cancun the weekend before… you’ll get a good laugh when I dip my toe in at LOST Swimming on Saturday!  I’m afraid I may have gotten a little soft…

But by the sounds of it from Dylan (thanks for hosting it for me!), everyone had a good time and the water was surprisingly “uncold”.  Maybe not warm, but not cold.  I think I heard about 55F/11C.  I’ve seen worse.  Especially on opening day!

Also that we were off to a flying start with 49 LOSTies coming out!  Very impressive.  Especially on opening day!

I’m sure it will still be cold tomorrow too… but… what else are you going to do on a Saturday morning… sleep in?!

PS.  If you have friends or family that want to give the kayaks and SUP’s a try… bring ’em down!  We now have a few stored in the LOST Shack!

See you at the Lake!



Dylan, taking over the role of “announcements from the stone!”
It just looks like fun!  We have extra kayaks and SUP’s if your friends or family want to come, but not swim!
A cool shot of LOST Swimmers and the Big Smoke!