Record turnout… 112 LOSTies!!! 61F/16C, July 15, 2017

The water was still a bit chilly, 61F/16C, but a helluva lot better than the “stupid cold” it had been (44F & 46F!!!).  The air temp was beautiful too.  Just a nice summer day.

The water was perfectly flat, as all the swims have been so far this year.  I warned everyone to be prepared for a wavy swim one of these days.  If the water isn’t cold, then we’ll find another challenge, or “learning opportunity”!  We’re due.

But it wasn’t to be on this day.  This day was close to perfect.

Just a really nice day for a swim in the Lake.

So I was there a bit early setting up as usual.  And it’s funny because it always seems like no one is going to show up.  At 7:15 there is usually just me.  Then 3 or 4 show up in the next 15 minutes.  Then between 7:30 and 7:45, 20 or 30 more show up.  That’s when I think, “hmmm, must be some races on this weekend or something?  Looks like we’re going to have a smaller crowd out today”.  Then between 7:45 and 8:00 they come pouring in!  And of course, a few people late for the pic too!

You might not have noticed, but there were seagulls all over the place! They were diving into the water… because there also was small fish everywhere too! Never seen that before at LOST Beach!

But when it was all said and done last Saturday… we had the largest turnout ever for a Saturday morning LOST Swim!  112 swimmers!  Freakin’ amazing.

I always like to remember a few years ago, maybe 5 or 6, when we were getting 20-25 people out, which I thought was pretty cool, and Carl said: “you wait, in another few years you’ll be getting 30-40 people out!”

I thought that would be huge.  Neither of us ever thought we’d ever get over 100 swimmers out.  Which incidentally was the previous record.

The water must be okay… even Milo went in… mind you, so did Steve… but not quite warm enough for Joanne… yet!

I was really happy to see this, obviously, just because it is amazing.  But the nice thing is that everyone (and then some!) stuck it out through the (really) cold Saturdays and didn’t give up on the Lake or LOST!

Often we see lots of keeners out at the beginning of the season, just like the first day in the gym after New Year’s… but then the novelty wears off and people get tired of the cold water and attendance dips a bit.  The thing is though, if you pay your dues in the cold water, then when the warm water comes, you are better prepared for it… and it is so enjoyable.

We’ve turned the corner now, but 61F is still a bit chilly without a wetsuit but comfortable with one… and the warmer water is still coming!  So now that we are over the hump, sit back and enjoy the ride, it only gets better and easier from here on it!  (unless it doesn’t, but we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it! haha).

Why are these two clowns always the last ones in?! (Oh, wait, that’s me and Mark!)

Anyway, hat’s off to everyone that got to enjoy the first nice long swim of the year!  I jumped in the kayak after my swim and went out and helped Mike spot.  Mike had set the loop up in about a 350m loop… and as I was pulling the plug with Mike when we were dragging the buoys in, I asked the last couple of LOSTies how many loops they had done?  One woman (with a great kick!) said she had done 8 loops!  Wow.  Then the last guy in before I turned off the lights, who also had a great stroke, said he had done 13 loops!  Amazing!

So, ya, if you get in and get going, you can get a good solid swim in an hour or so!  Like 4.5 km!  Not too shabby.

Update on the LOST Shed:

The Town is pouring the cement pad today! woohoo!  And because of liability they would prefer it if we built most of it off-site and then just assembled it on site.  So that’s the plan for now.  Hey, we’re just kinda winging it a bit… but it’s lookin’ good!  You might want to bring some painting clothes on Saturday though!

Check out the loot for the LOST Race and LOST Mile too!



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