Etobicoke Masters “GSS Global Championship team”… Luis, Joanne, Jason, Graciella, Bud, Dylan and Rob… 600 swimmers in the 10k and the largest 10k in the world…Luis won!

So way back in the day, I was a decent swimmer.  1988 Olympic Trials, a few national records, and just a step down from the best.

And these days one of my favorite lines becomes more and more relevant: “the older I get, the better I was!”

I still like to swim and still train pretty hard with Etobicoke Masters (EOMAC).  I love open water swimming and still love to race, even though the speed has long since dissipated.  Once you accept that the good ol’ days have come and gone, and that there is still a ton of fun in competing with a different perspective and new goals, it is pretty liberating.

Like a lot of former decent athletes, however, in my mind I’m still pretty fast.  And I still have a pretty good stroke.

However, after viewing the videos below, let’s just say there is always room for improvement!  Have a look at the videos, I’m willing to bet you could learn a thing or two about your stroke too!

Luis at a training camp “a couple of years ago”… that’s him, bottom row on the right… you might recognise some of his training partners… like the guy top row, 3rd from the right… Michael Phelps!

A big thanks to our EOMAC coach, Luis Escobar, who did this video for each of us on the team.  And who has a fair bit of knowledge and credibility.  He was that big step above where I ever got to.  2008 Olympics in the Open Water 10k… several World Championships… and the Canadian Age Group Coach of the year.  Nice guy too.

And I think the saying “you can’t teach an old dog a new trick”… is bullshit.  Keep learning.  Keep improving… and stay thirsty, my friends!


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