Welcome to the LOST Summer of 2023!


LOST Swimming is great value!  And a ton of fun!

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LOST is a volunteer organization (talk to me if you want to volunteer in any way!), and our priority is to increase participation in open water swimming, not to make money.  Don’t confuse low cost with low value!  We charge the minimum to operate the club and we still find ways to make it better every year!  The addition of the LOST Shack, the LOST Plaque, more kayaks, SUP’s, buoys, and more prizes/swag for the LOST Race are some good examples!  And we have more in store for this year too!

We have NEVER increased the membership fee since we started in 2006! How many memberships or things can you buy now that cost the same price as they did 18 years ago!

We just want to be as inclusive as possible, and that means economically as well.  As long as you can comfortably swim 500m you are welcome to join!  We have Olympians, Ironman and triathlete swimmers, marathon swimmers, cold water swimmers and lots of people who aren’t competitive at all, but just like to enjoy our Great Lake!  Nobody cares how fast (or slow) you are.

LOST Swimming
  • LOST Swimming starts Saturday, June 3, 8:00 am (always the first Saturday in June)
  • get there early and see who will be inducted on the LOST Plaque this year!
  • just register and show up… we’ll show you the rest! (and yes, you need to be registered, for insurance reasons)
  • wetsuits are recommended for newbies, unless you are very familiar with cold water swimming… but yes, it does warm up over the summer!
  • The LOST Race & LOST Mile are on Aug 19, 2023 (always the third Saturday in Aug)
  • you can get a wetsuit anywhere, but two of my favorite places are Xterra Wetsuits and Decathlon.