A new 50m pool in Oakville!


Hello LOSTies!

Okay, the title of this email is a bit misleading… we don’t have a 50m pool… yet.  Buuuut… we are still working on it!

While my kids swam with OAK, I tried for 15 years to get the pool, to no avail.  However, I have passed the torch on to David Shemilt, who has kids that swim with OAK, and am still actively trying to help us get this friggin’ pool!

This is where we stand right now:

– Centennial Pool will be torn down (fairly soon)
– it will be replaced with a 25m pool as part of the new community center that will be built on the old hospital grounds
– so this is a golden opportunity to try and get the Town to make that a 50m pool!

So if you would like to see that pool built as a 50m pool rather than a 25m pool… fill out this survey!  Of course, the relevant question is kind of buried and indirect, but the question pointed at this is:

PS.  The cut-off for the survey is Feb 17, 2017!




    • Unfortunately, no. I’ve passed it on to another person with the Oakville Aquatic Club and he’s making some progress… but nothing tangible yet.

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