After 674 days… LOST Swimming is back, baby!


You can’t keep a good club down, and here’s the proof: LOST Swimming is BACK!!!

Here are the deets:

  • yes… you must register!  (insurance requirement).  Click here to register.  
  • but… because we are getting a late start on it, we’ve knocked the price down from our normal, very inexpensive rate of just $45 for the whole year (including other fun events like the Polar Bear Dip!), to just $25 bucks!  Don’t confuse “inexpensive” with “poor value”.  This is awesome value.  Always has been!
  • our first swim is this Saturday at 8:00 am, July 24, at LOST Beach… that part is the same as usual.
  • for all the newbies, you are always welcome!  We really don’t care how fast you are.  The only qualification is that you can safely swim 500m continuously… oh, and you have to be nice.  We only allow nice people to join.  A sense of humor is preferred, but not mandatory.
  • another one for the newbies... I always get emails something to the affect: “I came across your group/website and I’m interested in joining LOST.  I used to be a decent swimmer (or I’m a slow, but steady swimmer), but am more used to swimming in the pool and am a little unsure about open water swimming, but it looks like fun.  Am I fast enough for your group?  Do you think I could join.”  And my answer usually is something to the affect of “Hell ya.  Get your butt down there and we’ll teach you the rest.  Don’t sweat it, add a bit of adventure to your life, you’ll love it!”.  And they do.
  • and you have to come out for coffee after the swim, at least once in a while.  Unfortunately our local coffee shop “Bean There” was a victim of the Covid economy, so we’ll be finding another place to overwhelm at 9 am on Saturdays.
  • if you have a friend or spouse who would like to kayak or SUP (ie. too chicken to swim), this is the one time it is okay!  We love to have extra spotters out there having fun too!  We have plenty of kayaks and SUP’s too!
  • for more info about LOST Swimming, click here.

In this crazy Covid time that we live in, you never know how things are going to go.  And I expect this will be no different.  The past few years we have gradually built to 250+ members.  So I expect that because this is an abbreviated summer it will be lower.  But even with that in mind, will it be really low attendance because people are still a bit concerned about everything… or will it be hugely popular because people are dying to get out there and get at it?  Judging by the pent up demand I’ve been seeing from countless emails asking when we are starting up, I’m hoping it will be the latter.

Show up on Saturday and we’ll all find out together!

PS.  We have a few VERY cool surprises coming up this summer still!