LOST Season Opener – 2021 & info about the new PLAQUE!!!


On the up side of things… when I sent out the season opener email a year ago things were looking pretty bleak… at least now, 1 year later, things are looking better!

So I’m proceeding like we will be a go for this summer.  Even if it is a late start.  Like we will be able to have outdoor gatherings of more than 10 people.  We still have about a month before LOST is supposed to start (the first Saturday in June is the 5th this year).  But who knows.

I’m not going to open up registration yet though.  It’s more of a pain to do 250-300 refunds if we can’t swim, than it is to have people sign up on short notice.

Our normal first day of LOST Swimming is the first Saturday in June, which this year will be June 5, 2020I’m still hoping it will work, but right now, it is still closed.

The main factor is when will the Town of Oakville open the parks?  I don’t know, but it does seem like it will be “fairly soon”.  Whatever that means.

But like most things that are going to reopen, they will open with restrictions.  And again, I don’t know what those restrictions will be.  But it will likely be no more than X number of people in one spot in a park.  Maybe 10, maybe 20, we’ll have to see.

It’s the same answer for the LOST Race… I’m assuming it will be a go.  Rest assured that I and the rest of the LOST Board are looking into all of this and will get us all back in the water as soon as we possibly can!


Now for the fun part!  For the past several years we have been saving our funds and working with the Town to build a plaque for LOST Swimming!  But this is no ordinary plaque, in the same way we aren’t ordinary swimmers!

Here are the details of the plaque:

  • the purpose of the plaque is to:
    • recognize the major achievements of LOSTies
    • give LOST some positive recognition and marketing
    • inspire others to so amazing things and get their names on the plaque too!
  • it will be located in the grassy area beside the TOWARF building
  • it will have 4 separate plaques:
    • LOST History
    • LOSTies who have done Lake O Crossings
    • LOSTies who have done Major Marathon Swims around the world
    • Winners of the LOST Race
  • the plaque will be mounted onto a large mural painting of an underwater scene, painted by our very own LOST Artist: Bert Jackson!
  • we are also building a beautiful little interlocking brick patio there too!
  • we are hoping to have it all done some time in June for a big unveiling!


It will be pretty cool and unlike anything any other swim club has anywhere!



PS.  Get your vaccine… so we can get those groups pics again! haha.


So here is fair warning for the newbies… it is still a bit chilly on the first Saturday in June anyway!


Hope to see you soon!