LOST Swimming is Cancelled for summer 2020!


No easy way to say it.  So for the first time in 15 years… there will be no LOST Swimming on Saturday mornings this summer.  (Maybe I’ll sleep in on a Saturday in the summer, for the first time in 15 years… but probably not.)

I’ve been holding off making this decision as long as I can, and it is really disappointing, but I had to pull the plug.  Should things change over the course of the summer, then we will adjust, just like everybody these days.  But that’s how it looks for now.

This is what I have been able to deduce from the latest info from the Town (I have asked a Councillor for clarification but haven’t heard back):

1) the parks are open
2) you can congregate in groups up to 5 people, including for casual play
3) sports fields are closed for organized group sports.
4) I gather that the beaches are closed, but I couldn’t find it anywhere on the website or on the listing below. However, I believe that they mean for sunbathing, etc, not for swimming. But it isn’t clear.

So what I make of this, with regards to LOST Swimming, is:

A) that  there will be no organized LOST Swimming. And therefore likely no LOST Race either… unless things change, of course.  I can’t see them allowing 50-100 swimmers for LOST Swimming, or 200+ for the LOST Race.  And it is probably the right call.

ON THE BRIGHT SIDE (or how to turn lemons into lemonade!):

B) people can still swim on their own in small groups (up to 5 swimmers currently), at LOST Beach or other beaches.

C) if you are looking for something fun to do and perhaps even set as a goal, sign up for the GSS Virtual Race that we just launched yesterday!



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