LOST Season Opener – update


Hi LOSTies,

So we are finally emerging from a long winter and the longest quarantine time ever! And no one is more excited to get back in the water more than me… well, except maybe you guys… and these dogs too!

So I’ve been receiving a bunch of inquiries as to when that will happen?  Much like just about everything these days, the answer is either “it depends” or “I honestly don’t know”.

Our normal first day of LOST Swimming is the first Saturday in June, which this year will be June 6, 2020I’m still hoping it will work, but right now, it is still closed.

The main factor is when will the Town of Oakville open the parks?  I don’t know, but it does seem like it will be “fairly soon”.  Whatever that means.

But like most things that are going to reopen, they will open with restrictions.  And again, I don’t know what those restrictions will be.  But it will likely be no more than X number of people in one spot in a park.  Maybe 10, maybe 20, we’ll have to see.

So here is fair warning for the newbies… it is still a bit chilly on the first Saturday in June anway

And then we’ll have to work with that.  Maybe there will be no restriction on numbers and we’ll be fine to start as usual.  Maybe it will be 20 or so, and we’ll have to have a bunch that goes at 8:00 and another at 8:30.  Maybe there are other ways to stagger the number of people.

Honestly, I think that this will be a slower summer in terms of membership and the number of people at the LOST Race (Aug 22, assuming the Town allows it by then?), for the simple reason that people will be a bit reticent about getting together in large groups.  On the other hand we could see a lot of people sign up, for the simple reason that people are REALLY ready to get outdoors, get back into nature and swimming.  I’ve seen a lot of indication of that too.

So the answer is, rest assured that I and the rest of the LOST Board are looking into all of this and will get us all back in the water as soon as we possibly can!

Hope to see you soon!