Here we go… the 17th season of LOST Swimming is a go!


The first day is: Saturday, June 4, 8:00 am… but be there early! 

Register for LOST Swimming here 

Wow… let me tell you, when I started LOST swimming in 2006 I certainly never thought I’d ever be announcing our 17th season.  Creating a swim team was never my plan.  I just wanted to go for a nice swim in the Lake and train for the English Channel.  And then I invite a few buddies to join me (many of whom are still active members of LOST too!).  And here we are… season 17 here we come!

The best part is that it is kind of the opposite of the old Groucho Marx joke: “I’d never join a club that would have me as a member!” haha.  Well in our case, I’d only want to join a club like this… one that had a culture like we have.  Inclusivity, friendship, comradery and fun.  Oh, and we like to swim too.

… but we are going to need a new coffee shop this year!

I used to ask myself (and others), why the hell would anyone drive from Toronto, Richmond Hill, Barrie, London, St Catherine’s, even Virginia and Washington DC… let alone visiting from Australia, Ireland, Spain, UK, Italy, Venezuela, South Africa… just to swim with us?  It’s open water swimming, you can do it anywhere.  But eventually I figured it out.  Truth is, you can swim anywhere, but our specific spot is pretty special.  It is a great place to swim, it’s clean, circulates well, cold (that’s a good thing!)… and as we like to say “no salt, no sharks, no worries”.  But still the main reason isn’t that… it’s because of the culture that we have been able to perpetuate.  It’s literally because of all of you.  A real snowball effect.

It’s also still only $45 for the whole season… same price as the first day we officially became a club. We are a non-profit and the funds allow us to buy insurance and supplies… and even save up and do a few cool things like build the LOST Shack and the LOST Plaque and Mural! (… and we will have 1 new “LOST Icon” to put up on the Plaque for a swim that was done last summer!  Guess who…?!)

Winners of the 12th annual LOST Race, 2019!

The other good news is the LOST Race and LOST Mile are (officially) on again this year too!  You can register for the combo pack with LOST Swimming too.

Also, just FYI… I was running down past LOST Beach the other day and good news… all the horrible round rocks that the Town put there 2 years ago to prevent erosion (for the second time!) and are impossible to walk on… have all rolled away over the winter!  A waste of tax-payer money, but good news for us!  Much easier to walk on and a much friendlier beach this year!

So come and join us for some fun and adventure!  Come for the cold freakin’ water… stay for the coffee after!

PS.  I was only half-joking about the cold water.  About 25% of LOSTies go without wetsuits, more as the season goes on and the water warms up.  But I would suggest ordering one now if you don’t have one.  Xterra Wetsuits has some very affordable ones.

Register for LOST Swimming here (or on the website).

See you soon!