The LOST Documentary!



Come out for the filming of the: the LOST DOCUMENTARY!

Remember when I said that our new LOST Plaque & Mural were erected to serve 3 purposes:

1) to recognize the incredible swims that LOSTies have done!
2) to inspire LOSTies to dream big and do more amazing swims!
3) to garner some attention for our unique little club!

… well this documentary is a direct result of #3!  It is amazing how many people are now aware of LOST Swimming because they saw the plaque… even as we enter our 16th season!  In fact, the producer of the documentary was strolling by and though “the story of the evolution of this club would make a very interesting documentary!”

That’s the good news.  The bad news is that it’s winter.  And LOST isn’t actually on right now.  However, there are still a few crazies out there that like “ice swimming”, and it isn’t hard to trace the popularization of open water swimming in Lake O back to LOST, so we’d like to invite all the Ice Swimmers to come out for a dip… and the camera’s!   In fact, because one of the main ethos of LOST has always be inclusiveness, you are all welcome!  Come on out and just support, cheer (& laugh at) those amazing (crazy) ice swimmers and get your ol’ mug in the doc too!


When – 8:00 am, Saturday, Feb 26… (OR  Saturday, March 5 as a back up date)
Where – not entirely sure yet, depending on the beach conditions.  LOST Beach isn’t great in the winter and filming in Mississauga is prohibitively expensive.  We are thinking probably: SHELL BEACH (at Great Lakes Blvd, west end of Oakville).  I will send out a reminder and confirmation just prior.


LOST VIDEOS:  the producers are going to have to rely on old videos and pics from previous seasons.  I have lots of pics, but not tons of videos.  So if you have any video footage of any type from LOST or the LOST Races please email them directly to: Santiago Belalcazar:  [email protected]

See you on the beach!