And that’s a wrap! So ends LOST Swimming for 2021!


As expected it was a weird year.  But at least we got half a season in… and got the LOST Plaque and Mural up!  That was pretty cool and something to build on and inspire you with for the future!

Who knows what next year will bring, but I’m thinking/hoping/assuming things will be back to (the new) normal and we’ll all be out there frolicking around in the waves again soon!

As always, I’m working on new cool things for next season!  Such as the LOST merch that was supposed to be here, but now will hopefully be here next year… or the sports grant that we might

have that will allow us to do some more cool stuff!  More to come on that later!

I’m sure there will still be lots of people down there swimming at LOST Beach for the next few weeks (including me, now that I’m back from 5 weeks in Italy with the Toronto Titans of the ISL!), and even a few crazy LOSTies that will be out there swimming all winter!  Either way, I hope to see you all soon and look forward to swimming with you all next summer too!


And one last big hand for the artist, Bert Jackson, and the 46 LOST Legends, LOST Icons and LOST Champions that made it to the plaque… so far!

I was going to say “who’s next?!”  But Loren is!  He’s the first LOST in this new era to put his name up there again… he just became the second LOSTie to swim the Catalina Channel yesterday!  Congrats Loren!

See you on the beach!