So I’m a little behind on LOST posts.  Hey, it’s the off season and the Global Swim Series has eaten up all my internet time, as it continues to grow unabated.

But we’ve done a couple of cool things already this year!

57 swimmers doing the “100 x 100 on 100”, Dec 31, 2017

4th Annual “100 x 100 on 100”

This was “fun”.  And by “fun”, I mean, a lot harder than I thought it would be.  As in, I wasn’t in very good shape.  But I made it.  But it was one of those things that really didn’t seem like a good idea at the time… but it did after.  It’s a tough swim, but it is definitely easier to do with other like minded swimmers/idiots.

57 ended up showing up, our biggest turnout ever!  We capped this at 60 swimmers, so we wouldn’t have more than 6 swimmers per lane.  And partnered with Etobicoke Masters and Swim Ontario Masters (thanks guys!) to rent out the Scarborough Pan Am pool for 3 hours.  I believe there was about 26 swimmers (in the pic above) that actually made all 100 x 100’s on 100 seconds!  But a we were really happy to have even more than that number come out and do 50, 60, 75 or more on a slightly slower pace time.  Still a helluva 3 hour workout to kick off the year!

Well done and see you next year!


8th Annual LOST Polar Bear Dip


Ok this was a little crazy.  But just “regular LOST crazy”.  Remember this is the same LOST crowd that did the LOST Race in the middle of August with a water temp of 48F/8C!!!


Even in the world Polar Bear Dips, this was a cold year.  In fact, all the other PBD’s in Toronto area (including the big one in Oakville!) were cancelled because of the cold!

Actually, it was also because of the ice and conditions, caused by the cold.  The reason the one at Coronation Park in Oakville was cancelled was because of the ice.  Because Coronation Park is so shallow, it gets more ice forming, which makes it hard to get in and out.  Something we LOSTies know about at LOST Beach, but usually just in the summer!

The other reason it was fine at LOST Beach was the same reason I

Viking cold! But Ted is still smiling!

always say it is such a great place to swim in the summer:  circulation.  Most places along the shores of Lake Ontario were totally iced up due to the cold stretch.  In fact, the whole Hamilton Bay was iced over completely!  But at LOST Beach it was totally clear of ice in the water.  This is because the water is deep right off the shore, and because the water is always moving.  This is why it is a great place to swim in the summer, as it is always circulating, which keeps it clean… and apparently it is also a great place to do a Polar Bear Dip when it is “stupid cold” out too!

Of course, the water temperature for the PBD is always about the same… right around 1 degree.  I think Edwin had it at 0.4 C.  Cold.  But what made this year especially tough was the air temp.  It was REALLY cold.  -20C… with a good stiff wind.  Freakin’ cold.  But that was

Kinda beautiful… to LOOK at…

another benefit we had over the huge PBD’s, we didn’t have to wait in line to be stupid.  I remember the second year of the LOST PBD it was 12C, quite a difference!

I believe there was about 35 LOST Dippers.  Down a bit from previous years… (see above as to why!), but we had lots of viewers and cheers… and we were in and out well inside a minute for “most” dippers!

The LOST Swimmers… not to be confused with the LOST Dippers! In there for 5 – 15 minutes! Yikes…

Of course there was also the LOST crew of Ice Swimmers.  They were in for anywhere from about 5 to 15 minutes.  Unbelievable.  But it shows you what you can train your body to acclimatize to.

If you are so inclined…

As usual, the best part of the LOST Polar Bear Dip was having a nice warm drink at “Bean There”!  Thanks for opening up just for us, Brett & Lambrina!

PS.  I believe Lorne and I were the only ones to do the full “LOST Double-Double” (100 x 100 on 100… and the LOST Polar Bear Dip!)

Well done LOSTies!  See you next year!




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