LOST Lobster…?!


Okay, I’ve seen a lot of things at LOST swimming over the past 14 years. Things like: geese and baby goslings, a family of mink that live on the west end of LOST Beach, a family of red fox that live on the east end of LOST Beach, little fish, big salmon, big ugly carp… but I’ve never seen a lobster before?!

And as far as I can tell, this was a lobster that got washed up on the beach last week when I was setting up. Not a crayfish or some other mollusc. But I’m no Newfie… so maybe we have some maritimers in the crowd that can explain to me how we can have a lobster in a fresh water lake? I mean, I could google it, but I think it’s more fun to hear everyone’s crazy opinions! haha.

Not much of a lunch… so I threw him back!

A bit crazy, but not as crazy as the fake video that came out 8 or 9 years ago about the bull shark that was spotted in Kingston. Of course, everyone had an opinion on it, and said it was totally believable that one could swim up the St Lawrence, and that their uncle used to always see them when they were kids, blah, blah, blah. Oh, except there were enough calls to press and then some government officials in true panic that they investigated. And found it was a fake promo video for Shark Week. This was back when fake videos were still pretty new. Before Trump’s inauguration.

But I digress. Let’s talk swimming and LOSTies.

First, swimming… well, 45 LOSTies came out and swam in 47F/9C water. Yup, that’s cold. Stupid cold, in fact.

But, what the hell… it’s still fun. And it actually does train your body and your mind to better handle cold water.

So I want to introduce something new we are going to try… honoring the “LOSTie of the Week”! Kat came up with this great idea, and we are all for it. So the first thing that everyone will be thinking is “oh, that’s cool. Good idea. Hmmm, I wonder who they will pick? And why?”

The answer is:

So this is what we came up with: hard core LOSTies, that are always there and always helping and contributing… international swimmers, either expats or visitors (a guy from Brazil last week)… or people who drive a long ways (Ajax, Barrie, St Catharines, etc)… or people that have done, or are doing, a cool race… or people who have an interesting story outside of LOST (having a baby, getting married, interesting job or lifestyle and how they tie that in with LOST)… or people in the background that we don’t know that well, but we’d like to!… newbies that have no idea what they are doing (fears and questions)… veterans that have inspiring stories… and of course, some men and some women. Essentially, just mixing it up, so that it provides a diverse group and interesting stories.

Community. A place to share experiences. A place to share goals. A place to share knowledge.

The catch is: we won’t know any of these stories unless you tell us! So email me or Kat with suggestions… about you or nominate someone else too! [email protected] or [email protected]

So the first LOSTie of the Week is: Marius!

This is Marius’s second season as a Lostie. Marius began swimming as a kid. He saw a puddle. He was in it. He saw a creek. He was in it. But it wasn’t till about two years ago that he started swimming in a pool to help ease an injury that occurred running. Marius is a runner with countless races under his belt. Out of the blue a friend said to him “We should go swimming in the lake” and at that moment he fell in love with open water swimming. Of course his friend only went twice. Guess he did have that special kind of crazies that we Losties have. From there Marius joined a few groups and stuck with Lost.

“I love the atmosphere and the people. It’s like my birthday every Saturday morning, just without cake. I get something different from each swim. Whether it be cold water, warm water, flat as a pancake, wavy, clear or full of seaweed. Each time I get a positive experience. But I do have two fears. Snakes and that I might get stuck on something.” I suspect Marius isn’t the only swimmer with fears. We all have them. It’s what keeps us safe.

Marius is that guy that you see on the beach with a big smile always helping out. We asked him what is target race was for this season and he has a few that he looking at but The Lost Race is certainly on the list.

We’re happy to have you as a LOSTie, Maruis!

So keep your eyes open, our in house writer Kat may seek you out and start asking you questions about your target races, how long you have been swimming, and favorite moments.

And one final thought, how can I put this… no, it hasn’t really warmed up yet. It’s still going to be lobster cold tomorrow. But don’t worry… it will warm up. Soon. See you there.




  1. Thanks Marius! A few people told me that too! The thing is that they are an invasive species here, which explains why I’ve never seen them here in 14 years of swimming! haha

  2. Greetings from Virginia Beach. Thanks for the highlight 🙂

    That’s not a lobster … It’s a crawfish … Lobster’s freshwater cousin :).

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