Open House for the redevelopment of the shoreline in Gairloch Gardens!


The Town didn’t include stakeholders… like LOST Swimming… when they redeveloped the over 1500 feet of shoreline in Edgemere Park, Tannery Park or Waterworks Park. As a result they didn’t include any access to the water in any of those parks!

No access to the water at all in the brand new Edgemere Park!

So the good news is that because of the objections we brought to the forefront last fall with our Protest Swim, the Town is now including us! We now have the opportunity to ask them to include water access in the redevelopment of Gairlock Gardens!

Because of the LOST Protest Swim, November 2019 we are now included in the conversation!

So stop by the Open House and do just that… ask the Coastal Engineer that will be there “do you plan on incorporating access to the water in the redevelopment?” And if they don’t plan on doing that… ask them to include access to the water!

Thursday, June 27, 2019

Drop-in anytime from 6 to 8 p.m

The Studio in Gairloch Gardens

1308 Lakeshore Road East