Ya… it’s cold. But warming! LOTW: Elodie!


Okay, week 3 is in the books. And, yes, it’s still on the other side of chilly. But fear not, this is normal. It will warm up. Soon. In fact, we might be there already!

you tell me? Mid 50’s tomorrow?!

Last week was another bone chilling 45F/7C, actually colder than the previous 2 weeks. But, LOSTies, being LOSTies… we still came out and swam. And in even larger numbers than the previous week… 52 LOSTies out last week!

Amy isn’t really having fun… her face just froze that way!

And guess what? We still had fun. Everyone went in. The crazy b*stards. For anywhere from 5 minutes to 30 minutes. Pretty amazing. Some wetsuits, some without.

Those buoys are pretty close together… that’s how cold it was!

Now I might not have the best reputation for “temperature honesty”, but, hey, it’s for your own good! Now that you have suffered through really freakin’ cold water, the rest is easy! And you tell me, but the forecast for the water tomorrow looks pretty good to me… 55F-ish! (13C!)

Doesn’t hurt that the air temp should be nice tomorrow too. So get your butt out the door and we’ll see you in the morning!

A lot of stalling going on… get in there!

Elodie is the 2nd LOSTie of the Week
Funny story about our Elodie. Elodie originates from France. And part of her move from France to Canada she did research on the open water swim community. She chose to move to Oakville specifically because of the OWS community and LOST.

Elodie… and a beautiful LOST sunrise!

Target swim for 2019: North Shore Challenge. This will be her first 10K. North Shore is also the GSS Canadian Championship race for 2019. From 2018 to today Elodie has swam each week in Lake Ontario/Simcoe. It been an amazing experience for her. Essentially she has swam from 25c to 0c. Elodie is a dedicated swimmer between the Oakville Masters group and open water groups. Her passion is water. It’s her element as she describes.
She doesn’t have a lot of fears and not easily afraid of open water. However, in France crabs hide under the seaweed. She felt pretty safe from that here in Lake Ontario…until I saw Rob’s lobster last week!

Some of her best memories of swimming in Arcahon, France is the current can be so strong when it’s a tide that with the current being parallel with the shore you can swim for an hour and not move!

Advice for the new Losties: Find your joy! You will hear a lot of precious advices from Rob, but Elodie would like to add some others a little bit different. Use all your senses to make your swim a much deeper experience. How do you adapt to the cold?  How do you feel after the swim? What are the thoughts in your head while you’re in the water? And share your experience with others! And as Elodie says “Don’t be shy and join everyone at Bean There Cafe after the swim to exchange thoughts/knowledge. (Kat: [email protected]).

Alexei sealing Raffi up in neoprene!