This is it… get out there for the LAST LOST Swim of 2019!


As I’ve been saying, all swims in September are bonus swims.  We usually, but not always, make it to mid-September.  Sometimes the weather craps out on us, sometimes the lake rolls over and it is a quick end to the season.  But usually it is a bit of everything, the weather gets cool, the lake gets cool and interest wanes.

This year the weather has still been really nice.  The Lake hasn’t really cooled off yet.  As I said all summer, this is a big lake and takes a long time to warm up, but also takes a long time to cool off too.  But the part that has surprised me the most is… all the swimmers that keep coming out!  You guys are amazing.  Pretty much every year the numbers dwindle and it comes to a natural close.  But the numbers I put together last week, from all the check-in lists over the years, show that this year is the second highest (next to 2016) number of swimmers come out this late in the season!

This year it looks like we are going to make it to September 28!  Pretty cool.

Last week was one of the nicest LOST Swims of the year.  The water was 67F/19C, the air was around 24C, and the water was as flat as a pool, the water was also about as crystal clear as I’ve ever seen!  You could see a penny on the bottom.  Sweet.  And of course… there was also still 56 LOSTies out for a swim!  That’s incredible.

This will be the last “official” LOST Swim of 2019, however, I’m sure there will still be a few swimmers coming out for “unofficial” LOST Swims.  I’d encourage you to set up times and meetings on the LOST Facebook page.  Have fun, be safe and swim smart.

See you on Saturday!

PS.  Don’t forget to come out after for the post-LOST Swim Season coffee at Bean There!