The First Rule of Fight Club is: “there is no Beer Mile”!


Surf was up the next day for Dylan… and it blew in warm water too!

Well it was the right day to shut’er down!  The lake rolled over… and it was 7C/45F!  It was great to have such a big turn out this late in the season.  41 LOSTies still got in and did a 1 buoy swim!  We were almost down to Ice Mile temperatures!

Looks like we’ve ended season how we started it… on a bit of chilly note!  The big difference is that it isn’t getting warmer, unlike when we started the season.

Having said that, the Lake rolled over on Sunday… and was back up to 68F!  Crazy Lake.  In fact, the day was incredibly windy, which is what actually warmed up the Lake.  But it also created some huge waves… big enough to surf on!  So Olga and I went and watched Dylan give it a try!

(Dylan’s) Ol’ Varsity gang from the US even came up for a cold one!

But that’s the jist of it, from here on out you don’t know what you are going get!  Not that there can’t be some good swimming left, just that it is now very hit and miss.  Just very inconsistent.  Also the weather has changed too.  Like I always say, there is a big difference between when you go for a dip in “chilly” water and the air is warm when you get out, vs swimming in cold water and getting out and the air is cold too.  Not quite as much fun.

So here are some cool LOST stats for the year, the biggest year yet!

    • largest membership… 256 members!  (last two years were 225 and 226)
    • largest number of swimmers in the LOST Race & LOST Mile… 202 swimmers!


So LOST Swimming is officially over for the season, but if you want to do some more “unofficial” LOST Swims, please do!  I suggest chatting about it on the LOST Facebook page so you can find other to swim with… safer to swim with a buddy!

PS.  “The first rule of Fight Club is… there is no Beer Mile!”  Nor that it’s next Friday, Oct 11 at 6:30… at the usual spot… (but you didn’t hear that from me, ask around…).





  1. Any chance you can reply and let me know the location where the beer mile does not occur. I haven’t participated previously, but would love to give it a try.

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