Welcome to a LOST 2017! Starting with: the Polar Bear Dip!!!… & 100 x 100 on 100!!!


img_0132Ok, here we go… into a brave new year of open water swimming!

And you might as well start it off by being brave!  So let’s start with the 7th LOST Polar Bear Dip!

So come one, come all… it’s stupid… and it’s fun!

Last year was our biggest year… 35 dippers!!!  Let’s beat it this year!!!

The 7th Annual LOST Polar Bear Dip:

  • when: Sunday, Jan 1, 2017… 12:00 noon, sharp!
  • where: LOST Beach
  • cost: free
  • what: a quick dip… clock strikes noon… get in… and get the hell out!
  • equipment: bathing suit (or whatever!), cap and goggles (if you really think you will be in that long?!), flip-flops(!), towel, someone to dress you after (and to laugh at you), towel… and a whole lot of LOST Courage!
  • follow up: Bean There Cafe (Brett is opening it for our “private function” from about 12-2).
  • bonus: free coffee to anyone that can stay in longer than Loren!

Etobicoke Masters participants (still working on getting the pic with everyone in it!)
100 x 100 on 100… Etobicoke Masters participants (still working on getting the pic with everyone else in it too!)

The second stupid thing to do in the new year: 100 x 100’s on 100!

  • when: Monday, Jan 2, 2017… 9:30 am start, sharp!!!
  • where: TPASC (Toronto Pan Am Sports Center… in Scarborough)
  • cost: $7.50 (I believe is the cost of admission?)
  • what: 100 x 100’s on 100.  Which is really a broken 10k swim.  (100m, 100 times, on 1:40).  And to save you doing the math, on 1:40, it takes 2 hours and 40 minutes.
  • equipment: if you have to ask, then you might not be quite ready for a 10k swim! haha… but the extra stuff you will need is a water bottle or two (put some gatorade or something like that in it too… or you will be bonking by the end!)
  • bonus: yes, we will also have slower pace times too… just like we did last year!  1:50, 2:00, etc

So come out to either or both events… in typical LOST fashion… they are both very inclusive and way too much fun!