So that’s a wrap…

The last official LOST swim of 2017… when the crowd starts to shrink and shadows starting to get pretty long!

Last Saturday seemed like as good of a point as any to wrap up the season.  Typical date, mid-September.

But I have to admit, this has been kind of a weird summer.  It never really got warm.  I think we only had 1 week over 70F/21C.  That’s unusual.  Usually after mid-August it stays over 70F, but as we all know, it rolled at the LOST Race (48F/9C!!!) and never really warmed back up.

Last Saturday it was a pleasant 60F/15C, which was totally fine, but still cold for this time of year.  And we still had a dozen or so LOSTies out, but down from the 72 LOSTies the weekend before.  So, as Neil Young puts it: “Comes a Time”…to pulled the plug.

Having said that, it was still a pretty amazing summer!

  • we had our biggest Saturday morning LOST Swims ever… 122 LOSTies!
  • we had a record membership… 222 paid members!

    The “Fog Year”, also happened to be the coldest year too… 48F/9C
  • we had record number of swimmers in the LOST Race/LOST Mile… 160 swimmers!
    • although the “*” there is that about half of them bailed because of the freezing water!
  • record cold for a LOST Race… 48F/9C!  (okay, that one I’m not bragging about as much!)
    LOST Race 2017… “The Fog Year”… because the water rolled over from 69F to 48F overnight!

  • There is a LOST sign still coming… and Darren is finishing the painting… but almost done! Not too shabby!

    we got our own piece of real estate… with the LOST Swim Shack!  That one makes me very happy!  We had a large group of LOSTies help build it (and will be allowed to sign the door!) and it’s almost done!  Darren is currently painting it and I’m ordering a big LOST logo sign for the front of it.

    • with our name, visibly out there, I think we’ll have an even bigger turnout next year!
  • we saw the Global Swim Series grow to 115 races, in 30 countries!  The biggest swim series in the world… by far!  And we had a bunch of LOSTies go to the Global Champs in Cancun!  And it all started here, with LOST Swimming!
    “El Cruce”, the host of the first GSS – Global Championshps!  Put it on your calendar for 2018!

    Etobicoke Masters “GSS Global Championship team”… Luis, Joanne, Jason, Graciella, Bud, Dylan and Rob… Luis won the 10k!
  • And we have a few more things coming down the pipe too:
    • I’m making a pitch to Town Council to let us build a patio area and plaque!  Stay tuned.
    • I’ve got dibs on the “pumphouse”, right next to the LOST Swim Shack, that is to be decommissioned soon(?)… that we can renovate into a clubhouse!  Stay tuned on that one too!

      3rd Annual “LOST Swimming vs Connors Runners BEER MILE!
Ted… awesome… just because…

And now that LOST Swimming is over for the season… some of us will be getting into running shape this fall… and some of us will just be drinking beer.  But a few brave/adventurous/stupid souls will be doing both!

The next thing up on the “unofficial and underground calendar”… is the “4th Annual Beer Mile”… that is definitely NOT brought to you by “LOST Swimming & Connor’s Runners”.  A little birdie told me that it will be held on the same date (Fri, Oct 6, 6:30) and same location as previous years.  Ask around if you are interested.  (no relays/no beverage substitutes/no wimps).

Onward and upward!!!

The first and second beers are fun… but then it gets tough!
Al Wiggins… winner for the second year in a row!

Cheers, Rob





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