So the good news is… we had 57 swimmers out on Saturday and had a great swim!  woo hoo!

June 16, 2018… 57 swimmers… 48F water!

The bad news is… I didn’t know what the water temperature was.  At least until I went in myself.  Our “trusty” old thermometer went missing over the winter.

The good news is… I went out and bought a thermometer.

This is just  me beating around the bush a bit.  About saying how cold it was.  It was cold.  Really cold.  As in “stupid cold”… which means it was in the 40’s F, or single digits Celsius.  Like I said last week, those of us that have been doing this a long time can typically guess the water temp to within a degree or so.

I went in (yes, with a wetsuit!), but when I finally worked my way down to the water’s edge after getting everyone going and taking care of all the LOST matters, I realized I had forgotten my swim cap.  I almost never swim without one, but was too lazy to go back up to the grass and get mine.  I didn’t think it would make “that much” of a difference.

And lesson learned.  Swim caps make a big difference.  I never get “freeze brain” in the water, even in cold water.  Well I got it today!  I was swimming along and had to do some breast-stroke because my head was getting so cold!  Ice cream headache cold!

So, ya, it was probably about 48-49F/9C.

Warming up at Bean There… after a bit of a chilly one!

But, here is the crazy thing.  All 57 swimmers went in.  And not just for a second or two.  I’m pretty sure almost everyone did at least one 300m lap.  And the majority did several.  As in 6, or 7 … or 10.  There were people in there for 45 minutes.

And there was a significant number that were “naked”.  To go that long, in water that cold, without a wetsuit… wow.  That’s impressive.

Ritchie and Chris finishing up their LOST Race route swim… in 48F!

Then you have Chris and Ritchie.  In a class of their own.  They did the LOST Race route, 3.8k from Maple Grove.  And Chris did it without a wetsuit!  Now, I know you probably think that is nuts, and I wouldn’t recommend it for just about anyone, but in their defense, they did swim ALL winter!  Every month.  Right down to 0C!  So they actually do know what they are doing and have acclimatised their bodies to it.

Darren out on the SUP… he and Jeff are doing a major SUP race in Hawaii soon!

Long and short of it is though.  Well done everyone!  This will make you better swimmers and will make you a lot more comfortable when the warm water comes!  Which, who knows, might be soon with this heat wave!

See you on Saturday!

John and Mark… all smiles after the 2014 LOST Race! John is currently sailing the South-Pacific Ocean… while Mark just completed the 20k Swim Around Key West!

Oh and I have to give a big round of applause to LOSTie, Mark Bintley!  Who this spring did his longest ever run (80k at Sulphur Springs Trail Race!)... and then while we were swimming in 48F water, he was doing the Swim Around Key West in 90F+ water!  Completing his longest ever swim too!  20k in 5:54 and placing 59/99 overall!  Way to go Mark!  And good luck on your upcoming Ironman!!!  woohoo!

PS. we will hold our first post-swim “LOST Run” on June 30!  I’ll design a beautiful, LOST related, 10k route that anyone is welcome to join in and do!




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