Luke… I am your father! Guess what came with the new LOST Swimming caps?!

First of all, congrats to the hardcore LOSTies who made it out last week! Dylan took over the hosting for me and said that it was pretty crappy weather… rainy, wavy and generally not a pleasant day.

Mind you, LOSTies are know for being pretty hard-core… there was still 23 LOSTies out! On the upside, the water was warm! A very pleasant 6oF/15C.

I was away visiting my daughter, Jill, in Whistler, but as fate would have it, Joanne and I swam in Lost Lake in Whistler! haha.

When we were smilin’ and lookin’ good… before we were scared out of our wits… white water rafting!

Anyway, onward and upward!

It is going to be stinkin’ hot this weekend… and the water is looking great too! It is supposed to be up to 30C and sunny on Saturday… and the water looks to be in the low 60’s/ 15-18C. Pretty much perfect.

Also… the 2018 LOST Swimming caps finally made it here from their journey on a slow boat from China and they look pretty good! Even better than I look with the new snorkel-mask that came with them!

The new 10k LOST Run Route!

And another thing… this is going to be the first week of LOST Running! Check out the 10k route. Pretty simple, we run from LOST Beach to Maple Grove (where the 3.8k LOST Race starts), I threw in 4 dips down towards the Lake from Lakeshore (at Park, Alexander, Gairlock Gardens and the new path just before the new condos at Maple Grove). Then just straight back to the start. Pretty simple and beautiful.

Starts about 9am.

We can still go for coffee at Bean There (Lakeshore & Reynolds) after and catch up with the swimmers who didn’t run.

So be a part of the first “LOST Run”, like how LOST Swimming started… I’m going for a run… hope you all will join me!

Don’t worry, there are no stairs like this on our LOST Running route! (Edmonton)
Running in the Edmonton trails!

See you on Saturday!




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