hmmm… well it’s usually still water related.  There are actually a handful of LOST swimmers that swim all year round.

Olga and Dylan at the Smokey Hollow Ice Falls, Jan 1, 2018… that counts… it’s still water related!
…and no, Brett… I don’t see the resemblance…
I was really excited to be exploring the ice caves!

…. I mean a lot of us swim all year round.  Some swim masters with Etobicoke, Oakville, Burlington or other Masters.  Some swim on their own at the Y or with a tri group.

Ice swimming at Vermont’s “Memphremagog Winter Swimming Festival!

But that’s not what I meant.  There are a handful of LOSTies that swim IN LAKE ONTARIO all year round!  Yikes.   You probably saw some of them swimming at the LOST Polar Bear Dip… not dipping… swimming.

Why you ask?  Because the LOST Race this year was just too damn hot.  Well, that and because they are training to compete in the Memphremagog Winter Swimming Festival.  Feb 23-25.  Check it out.

This is who is going so far: Chris, Edwin, Richie, Kat, Loren, Craig, Amy, Nadine, Josef, Gemma, Aimee and Gen.  Most of them LOSTies and 12 in total from Ontario!

Not my bag, baby… but good luck, be safe and have fun!  Bring back lots of pics and vids… and cold beer!




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