100 x 100’s!

2023 LOST Polar Bear Dip!

Here we go… the 17th season of LOST Swimming is a go!

The first day is: Saturday, June 4, 8:00 am... but be there early!  Register for LOST Swimming here  Wow... let me tell you, when I started LOST swimming in 2006 I certainly never thought I'd ever be announcing our 17th season.  Creating a swim team was never my plan.  I just wanted to go for a nice swim in the Lake and train for the English Channel.  And then I invite a few buddies to join me (many of whom are still active members of LOST too!).  And here we are... season 17 here we come! The best part is that...

The LOST Documentary!

SAVE THE DATE:  Come out for the filming of the: the LOST DOCUMENTARY! Remember when I said that our new LOST Plaque & Mural were erected to serve 3 purposes: 1) to recognize the incredible swims that LOSTies have done! 2) to inspire LOSTies to dream big and do more amazing swims! 3) to garner some attention for our unique little club! ... well this documentary is a direct result of #3!  It is amazing how many people are now aware of LOST Swimming because they saw the plaque... even as we enter our 16th season!  In fact, the producer of the documentary was strolling...